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Inspirations and Innovations: Hospitals

Inspirations and Innovations: Hospitals

Inspirations and Innovations: Hospitals

It is true. The world will change forever due to the adjustments being made to remain safe from covid19. Hospitals around the globe have been a huge inspiration for what it takes to embrace flexibility and provide for the greater good of the people.

Many nurses and doctors who were in retirement have rejoined their medical staff to create a larger and stronger body fighting the disease.Hospitals have also made efforts to name specific regional hospitals zones for fighting the virus. They are transferring current patients to other hospitals that will not be accepting patients with covid19 to keep the vulnerable safe. This means staff will have to adjust to brand new patient care plans within hours.

Some hospitals have adjusted to virtual diagnosis and appointments with patients. While this is seemingly a simple adjustment, the infrastructure needed to support this type of communication within hospitals is one that needed to be created from the ground up at most institutions. Doctors, nurses and other medical personnel need to be trained on the technology and feel confident in their ability to use their medical skills to assess beyond a screen.

Remote hospital test zones have cropped up across the country. Keeping safety in mind, these zones were created to be accessible via your car. Medical personnel assigned to these pop up test centers were required to learn new protocol and be able to proficiently act accordingly within days.

In the recent shortage of face masks, gowns, hand sanitizer and ventilators, hospitals have been working with new manufacturers to get these products produced and sent to the front lines. Many local community members have rallied together to make these products or raise money to provide our health care workers with the safety products they need. The level of cooperation with the surrounding community is imperative. Hospitals are also quick and flexible to try new products being produced. Many technology companies have asked doctors to try new devices that would allow them to remotely monitor patients limiting their contact with the sick.

The medical community hold the responsibility of communicating to the government and public. They have made valuable recommendations for social distancing and particular medications to take and avoid if it suspected you have contracted the virus. Their service is one that should not go unnoticed. Here at Moore Staffing, we have many relationships with local hospitals and fully support and commend the incredible work they are doing.

So what does this mean for you as an individual or business? Moore Staffing employees have taken away the flexibility the hospitals around the country have shown us it takes to be successful. They are quick to solve problems while adhering to their values and sustaining their quality. We have realized we are more adaptable than we give ourselves credit for and as long as we remain open, we can learn and adjust to new ways of working together.

Over the course of this pandemic, we will be reporting on innovative and inspirational individuals, businesses and communities. Next up: Schools.

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Viral Change and Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Viral Change and Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Viral Change and Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

“In life, we don’t always control what happens to us, but we can always control our reaction” –Anonymous

With the momentous events happening in the world today, that collectively affect us all, this quote stuck out to us at Moore Staffing. From the aggregate world, to specific countries, companies and individual themselves, we cannot always control what happens to us but we can control our reaction.

Its no secret the Corona virus has spread fear among the world as the most recent pandemic. It has changed the world in mere months and rightfully so. While much of this change has been global fear, severe stock market fluctuations and sudden restrictions, not all of the changes to come out of this sickness are negative.

Having contact with so many innovative and inspiring companies, Moore Staffing has been able to see the incredible adjustments being made for our workforce to be safer. Here are a few innovations:

  • Working from Home

*A few companies have set specific days to test the productivity of all staff working from home. While this was always an option to test, presenting the challenge of the virus inspired the company to adjust its status quo. If successful, this company has the potential to adjust its business model and reallocate office costs to another area of business.

  • Virtual Communication

*Another company is using this opportunity to conference virtually rather than in person with their fellow business partners. While it may seem like an inconvenience, this will be a great test for the institution to evaluate how successful their video conferencing is versus in person meetings. If more efficient, this will cut travel costs for the company and give employees back time in the day that would have otherwise been used for traveling. Meetings with business partners would also become more convenient making scheduling more flexible.

Here at Moore Staffing, we are committed to supplying solutions to current staffing challenges. With the Corona virus in full swing, we have asked ourselves, what can we do to better support our clients solve their problems?

  • In short, we aim to provide seamless support no matter where we are working from, whether it be home or the office.
  • We have dedicated ourselves to effective communication and provide employers multiple ways to interview their potential employees. With less people walking through our clients’ doors and instead, specific, exemplary candidates being offered, we aim to protect and limit exposure to the virus.
  • Above all, we hope to diminish panic and ensure that Moore Staffing has remained status quo and will step in to assist businesses remain confident amid the struggles.


Here are a few ideas for businesses to try:

*Limit communal eating areas

*Test working from home abilities

*Invest in video conferencing

*Limit communal technology usage

*Limit required travel for employees


Here are a few ideas for individuals to try:

*Wash your hands! (Not all hand sanitizers meet the standards)

*Be sure to wash food, even if it has a peel

*Limit contact with people

*Stay home if you feel sick

*Make it a point to communicate more if working from home

*Avoid touching face

*Vet your sources