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Do You Know Why Recruiting Companies Need to Keep Their Clients Confidential?

Do You Know Why Recruiting Companies Need to Keep Their Clients Confidential?

Okay, so you’re tired of hearing crickets every time you send out your resume. You decide to check out local recruiting companies to see if they can help simplify your job search. But when you get to the job listings, none of them name the companies that are actually hiring. What’s the deal? It’s important to remember that recruiting companies don’t just serve job seekers. We also support the employers we partner with. Our role is to play matchmaker between the two and help both sides make a great fit with less stress.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to partner with a local recruiting company to find their next great employee. We do most of the up-front work, like reading resumes, matching skills, and a host of other things that save countless hours. This frees up that time so business owners can focus on growth. Good stuff, right? But perhaps most importantly, something we offer our client companies is confidentiality. 

From a job seeker’s perspective, it may seem frustrating not to have all the job information right out of the gate. Job hunting is an emotional time, and it’s perfectly understandable to want the details straight away. 

But we encourage job seekers to look at things from the employer’s point of view, too. Let’s talk about exactly why we need to keep employer information private. And we’ll give you the inside scoop on when it becomes appropriate during the hiring process for us to share more information. You’ll find it’s not all as top secret as it may appear. 

Why Confidentiality 

recruiterFor employers, there’s a lot going on when they choose to open up a new position. As stressful as job searching may be for the seeker, the hiring period can be equally taxing on a company. There are tons of different reasons why clients require their information to remain confidential with recruiting companies. But the biggest has to do with timing. 

For any of us, there are nuanced times in life you’d rather not share with the people around you. This may even be true of your job search. Perhaps you’re considering a new career move under the radar while still employed by a local company. 

There are times when an employer needs the same kind of privacy. This could involve confidential information about a merger and acquisition. It could also be more personal in nature, such as a company looking to replace an employee who is underperforming. 

The only party outside of the company allowed to have all the information is us, the staffing service. The info provides a better scope of our clients’ situation, and we can match candidates according to their needs. 

When the Time is Right 

job interviewThere’s a high level of trust at play between recruiting companies and the employers and job seekers who work with us. The client trusts that we will keep their information confidential, while also finding the best candidate to fill their open positions. Job seekers trust us to find work that fits their skill set at a company they can thrive in. That’s why timing is key.

So when do we reveal the full details of an employer? When they express serious interest in a candidate. It’s at this point that we can give the job seeker complete details about a company. And this allows them to do their own due diligence and get a sense for what the business is like. Clients will only allow us to reveal this information when they are ready to begin the interview process and potentially hire a candidate. 

So we say to all you job seekers out there, be patient. The information will be revealed at the right time. We promise.

Don’t Circumvent the Process 

secret phone callThis is where trust and patience come into play. While it’s human nature to want to know more, we strongly recommend candidates avoid circumventing the process. 

You should never contact any of the parties involved except for your lead recruiter. First off, it would be highly unprofessional, putting your integrity at risk, as well as that of the recruiting company. The client chose to work with a recruiting service for a reason. They don’t necessarily want hoards of job seekers banging on their doors trying to get a position. They want the right candidate—hopefully you! 

You could also contact the wrong client by accident and how would that look? Best to avoid a messy mixup so you don’t end up being disqualified for a position that would be a great fit.

Seek Out Reputable Recruiting Companies 

just hiredOne final thing to be aware of is that when you choose to work with an employment service, you always want to find a reputable one. There are “shady” services out there that do not take confidentiality seriously for clients or candidates. That’s why working with tried and true professionals is the way to go. 

When you connect with an organization like Moore Staffing Services, you’re getting decades of experience building trust within the local community of businesses and job seekers. Because of these stable, long-term relationships, you can trust the advice and information you receive. 

At Moore Staffing Services, we’ve been serving businesses and job seekers in the Merrimack Valley since 1980. Whether on the Massachusetts or New Hampshire side of the valley, we can help you find the job or candidate that’s right for you! If you’re ready to Get Moore out of your career or business, call 978-682-4994 or visit moorestaffing.com