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5 Vital Healthcare Jobs in the Merrimack Valley

5 Vital Healthcare Jobs in the Merrimack Valley

Healthcare jobs are some of the most important in the United States. The hard work of nurses, doctors, receptionists, and so many others keeps us healthy and well. Here in the Merrimack Valley, there’s no shortage of healthcare jobs that need to be filled. With several amazing hospitals, urgent care clinics, dental offices, and primary care practices, the region is a prime place for anyone looking to make a career in healthcare. 

Moore Staffing Services hires for both clinical and non-clinical services, as well as administrative, nursing and medical assistant openings. This allows medical offices to focus on what matters most: patients. 

Today, we’ll look at five important healthcare jobs that appeal to a wide variety of candidates: Medical Assistant, Medical Admin, Call Center Representative, Practice Manager, and Phlebotomist. 

Medical Assistant

medical assistantMedical Assistants, such as Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, or Licensed Practical Nurses, play vital roles in any hospital or doctor’s office. They perform tasks such as taking patient vitals, recording medical history, scheduling appointments, assisting doctors with patient examinations, and providing injections. 

Very hands-on, this type of position is an excellent alternative to, or stepping stone for, medical school. It provides excellent experience in patient care. However, Medical Assistant duties do differ depending upon the specialty of the office. So you’ll want to pay attention to the type of care offered to ensure it’s a fit for your skills and career goals.

Medical assistant education programs are available in most states and require only a GED to enroll. Certifications can be obtained by several organizations, including the American Association of Medical Assistants and the American Medical Certification Association. Depending on the employer, a 2-year associates or 4-year bachelor’s degree may be required. These jobs are an excellent fit for detail-oriented candidates with excellent communication skills and compassion for patients.  

Medical Admin

medical adminOn the non-clinical side are Medical Administrators. These critical workers oversee the front desk, scheduling patient appointments, taking insurance information, updating records and charts, answering phones, sending out lab results, ordering supplies, and checking-in patients. These jobs are perfect for anyone who prefers office work over clinical duties but still loves the healthcare field. 

Again, a GED is required in order to apply for work as a Medical Admin, but the requirements will vary depending upon the employer. No licensure is required for this type of work, but an understanding of medical terminology, strength with office technology, knowledge of insurance, and excellent interpersonal communication skills are the kinds of skills required to be a successful Medical Admin. 

Call Center Representative 

call centerThe task of a Call Center Representative is to engage patients over the phone. You’d likely be amazed how many questions can be answered over the phone. Details about prescriptions, office hours, test results, and other information are all in the wheelhouse of the Call Center Representative. At a more advanced level, this kind of role might involve resolving patient insurance claims, answering questions related to medical benefits, and directing patients to specialists when needed.

As far as education is concerned, a GED is required to be a Call Center Representative. But employers may want further secondary education. No licensing is required to obtain this position. Communication skills are really a must. Since the interactions between patient and representative are not face-to-face, tone and active listening are essential qualities for work in the Call Center. A great deal of patience will go a long way, as well. 

Practice Manager 

practice managerThe role of a Practice Manager is to oversee the day-to-day operations of a healthcare office, as well as strategic planning for the future. This leader usually manages a small or large physician’s office. Duties include scheduling, record-keeping, staffing, budgeting, and making sure the practice is in compliance with national and state healthcare regulations. Strategic planning and marketing may also fall under the purview of the Practice Manager. 

Unlike the previous positions on this list, a post-secondary degree and certifications in healthcare management are typically required. These prepare a candidate with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful. Candidates with commensurate experience, excellent communication skills, the ability to multitask, and the ability to work in a fast-paced, sometimes high-stress, environment are ideal for this position. 


phlebotomistThe job of the Phlebotomist is to draw blood for use in tests, research, and donations. It’s a specialized skill specifically because it involves the correct placement of needles in veins. It also demands a good degree of interpersonal skills to help the patient remain calm. The reason Phlebotomists don’t fall under the banner of Medical Assistant is because of this highly specialized skill set. While Medical Assistants provide injections like vaccines, the sole role of the Phlebotomist is to draw blood. 

Therefore, any candidate looking to become a Phlebotomist is required to go through a phlebotomy program, available at tech schools, vocational high schools, and community colleges. Some employers will train a Phlebotomist on the job, while others require formal licensing and education. A steady hand and temperament are necessary here.

At Moore Staffing Services, we understand what it takes to make it in the healthcare field. We’re here to support talented candidates, like you, who have a passion for healthcare in finding meaningful work. If you live in the Merrimack Valley Region and you’re looking for a job in this rewarding field, call 978 682 4994. Let us help you Get Moore out of your career!