Why Staffing Agencies are Critical to Start Up Success!

Why Staffing Agencies are Critical to Start Up Success!

Why Staffing Agencies are Critical to Start Up Success!

As noted in Business News Daily, one common misconception behind staffing agencies is that they are costly. With upfront costs being a concern, it is easy to over look the potential savings working with an agency can have with any company, especially startup companies. Overlooking these potential savings could be the difference between startups’ success or failure.

The cost of hiring an employee is set while working with a staffing agency. Not only is this price point set within the initial negotiations, but a company is also able to offload the time it would take for their own employee to find their candidates. Finding the right employee can take months for any company alone, even with those who have dedicated recruitment teams. And for those months spent, the company is required to pay their salaried employees to procure viable candidates, as well as, for the resources they will need to locate them.

For startups, usually lacking a dedicated recruitment team, their salaried employees now have the responsibility of discovering potential candidates, pulling them away from their usual responsibilities. This increases the length of time spent on business goals and therefore increases money spent on achieving them as well.

Here is how a staffing agency solves these problems to ensure startup success:

  • Cost Effective

Startups are able to better budget with set cost expectations and reallocate expenditures, rather than leaving potential costs of finding a candidate unknown.

  • Time Saving/ Goal Achievement

Time spent searching is saved for startup employees. It can then be redistributed to further achieve the company’s goals within their business model; therefore, dollars are no longer wasted on time spent searching, but rather reinvested into their business.

In relation to saving time, through reallocating these staffing responsibilities, startups are able to relieve stress, known to increase employee performance due to the increase in comfortability in the workplace environment.

  • Different Types of Hiring

Different types of hiring are provided for companies, including temporary to hire contracts. By providing this flexibility, startups can “try before the buy” their future employee.

  • Exemplary Candidates

With their reputation on the line, agencies only provide candidates they feel confident match both the requirements and work culture of the client, increasing the confidence for the client in the selection process and the startup’s future employee.

  • Fill Openings Faster

Staffing agencies specialize in identifying valuable skill sets to fit specific job parameters and develop relationships with potential talent. They know exactly where to look and how to communicate to talent, speeding up the time frame it will take to fill a position.

This difference in cost and time could make or break a startup and Moore Staffing has seen this first hand. By providing support, we have seen the success of startups increase exponentially when employees within the company are able to keep to their described responsibilities, while we are able to quickly fill the roles needed. We fully support the innovations and creativity coming from local startups as they challenge the current industry standards and push boundaries.

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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

We’ve all heard it before…

Community involvement can go a long way!

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Get yourself, your friends, and your family connected with Moore Staffing today! We want you on our radar, and it can only benefit you to be on ours!

Networking is key when it comes to career development, whether it is to find a new career or to broaden your career skills. You never know what opportunities can arise from meeting contacts, making connections, and getting referrals. The focus on networking doesn’t always have to be about finding new business but can also be about education and expanding your business knowledge.

Here are a few suggested activities you can get involved within the community to help you get the ball rolling on expanding your network (with little or no cost to you!):

  • Car show night at Fuddruckers in Methuen – every Wednesday night! Our very own Lisa Phillips will be there! See Facebook to preview some additional details.
  • Get your current business connected with your local Chamber of Commerce. They have regular networking events – some are free!
  • Join your local religious institution to make connections – or just ask about community service events!
  • Go to that holiday cookout you were contemplating missing. Enjoy!
  • Connect with others on LinkedIn and participate in conversations.
  • Visit your town library or community center to view community postings.
  • Volunteer! Google community service projects and local service foundations that you can donate your time and energy to.
  • Check Facebook’s event page to see what networking events are happening near you!


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