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Why Hiring Heroes is a Great Move for Your Business

Why Hiring Heroes is a Great Move for Your Business

May is Military Appreciation Month, and we want to shine a light on why hiring heroes is a great move for your business. Veterans are detail-oriented workers with the capacity to handle stressful situations, lead teams, and adapt to new skills quickly. 

What we hear all the time from our client businesses is that they want to build a more sustainable, long-lasting workforce. If that resonates with you, hiring heroes should be among your top strategies. 

Thanks to their military backgrounds, veteran employees are going to help your bottom line. And they are known for having positive impacts on company culture because they come from an environment where teamwork is critical. When you’ve got employees who actively enhance your culture, the sustainability of your workforce increases dramatically. 

Here’s why you should consider hiring heroes as a strategy for your growing business… 


leadership at workThe military explicitly trains recruits in leadership skills through guidance, motivation, and innovation. Veterans are also trained to think strategically, which will come in handy when leading a team. When you make the decision to hire a trained leader, your team will respond in kind. And your business will likely see a boost in productivity and positivity. That’s the power of good leadership.  


military veteranPart of the strategic mindset trained into military members is to solve problems in creative ways. Combat strategies require solutions that cut through challenges while minimizing damage wherever possible. Having someone experienced in solving problems in extreme situations is enormously beneficial. The creative solutions veterans bring to the table can help your team navigate tough transition periods, busy seasons, and even choosing which new pizza place to order from for the office party. 


Adapting to news skills is an essential part of military life. From the moment an individual arrives at basic training, they’re immersed in new experiences and challenges that require them to implement new thinking and skill sets. Working hard is part of a veteran’s DNA. That lets you know they are likely to adapt more easily than others when change is thrown their way. 


teamworkIn a combat situation, there is nothing more important than your team. That’s why veterans are incredible at collaborating. They know there is nothing more valuable than a loyal team that has your back no matter what. 

On the other side, confidence grows when you have a co-worker who will lift the rest of the team up by completing work on time and to the very best of their ability. When your employee’s actively support one another, there will be less stress, more productivity, and better camaraderie. 

Talent x10

Our military is made up of a diverse pool of talented individuals. No two veterans are going to be alike in their talents, and that’s a good thing. The military has an amazing array of career paths, ranging from engineers and technicians, to administrative staff and health care professionals. A veteran can fit into any number of different roles because they’ve already done it in the military. This wide range of experience and talent makes them a perfect fit for various levels of employment across industries.


job interview military veteranDue to the physically and mentally stressful situations they’ve faced in the military, veterans are incredibly resilient in terms of stress management. This quality can be crucial in all sorts of work environments, but it’s especially prized in jobs that are fast-paced and demanding. Effective stress management is essential when it comes to meeting deadlines or handling difficult situations, making veterans a stabilizing force for your business.  

Tax Advantages 

Aside from significant benefits for your company culture and productivity, hiring veterans also offers financial benefits for companies. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federally run program that provides financial incentives to employ many different groups, including qualified military veterans.

Companies may see even more tax breaks through other credit categories such as service-connected disabilities. The U.S Department of Veteran Affairs and the U.S. Department of Labor both provide helpful resources regarding hiring veterans. 

For over 40 years, Moore Staffing Services has had the honor of serving the veteran community of New England by helping them find employment in areas fit to their talents. If you’re a military veteran looking for a new career after service, contact us. We’ll help you Get Moore out of your career! Call (978) 682-4994 or visit moorestaffingservices.com