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What do career fair tips and fat penguins have in common?

What do career fair tips and fat penguins have in common?

Still wondering what fat penguins have to do with career fair tips? Continue reading to find out!

Career fairs are not dead! Surprising to many, they are still alive and have many benefits to job seekers. However, if you attend a career fair unprepared they could have potential negative effects on your success at landing a job. Here are some tips on how you can best prepare for a career fair.

  • Research, Research, Research!
    It is super important before you arrive at the career fair that you research what companies and what job openings they have available. If you spend a little bit of your time researching the companies, then you can ask more specific questions that could impress the company representatives.
  • Dress to impress
    First impressions are the most important. You want to dress professionally but you also want to be comfortable. Wear lightweight clothes and comfortable but professional shoes.
  • Body Language
    Take a deep breath and don’t be nervous! Career fairs are valuable because they give a face and full first impression beyond a simple resume submittal. Engage hiring companies with eye contact and a friendly handshake.
  • Time Matters
    You want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to visit all the company tables you want. Prioritize what employers you have the most interest in so you can utilize the most of your time.
  • Take the Leap
    Although research is important beforehand, don’t shy away from introducing yourself to a company that you’re not familiar with. If they are not a fit, then walk away and be mindful of their time and your own. If it’s a fit, then stepping out of your comfort zone was worth it!
  • Have Your Resume Prepared and Printed
    Make sure you bring enough resumes to give out. It’s better to have extra resumes than not enough.
  • Personal Pitch
    Be prepared to present yourself and your skillsets by having an “elevator pitch” ready to go. You want to highlight your experience, education, skills, and what you bring to the table for a company.
  • Get Connected
    After engaging in conversation with an employer be sure to ask for their business card! This allows you to follow up with the employer and to say thank you for their time. Employers are more likely to work with you when they sense you are serious about your job search!

The more you prepare for a career fair the more likely you are to be successful at landing a job!

*Career fair tip disclaimer: We advise you not to use Kevin’s “break the ice” tactic above.