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How to Keep Work Motivation High When Summer’s in Full Swing

How to Keep Work Motivation High When Summer’s in Full Swing

When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of work motivation. In fact, Captivate Network reported that between June and August, employees regularly experience a 20% drop in productivity and a 45% increase in distractedness. It’s easy to see why. Kids are home from school, friends are on vacation, and the nice weather beckons. With so many forces fighting for attention, how can employees keep work motivation high during the summer? 

Instead of approaching summer with a sense of what can’t be done, employees should focus on what can be done. There is a lot that can be accomplished on these long summer days, and employees can take advantage of the energy of the season. Get inspired to make this summer your most productive yet! 

Keep a Positive Mindset 

employee with positive mindsetInstead of daydreaming and wishing you were somewhere else, it’s important to shift your mindset and focus on the positives of being at work. Remember to be grateful for your role, the ways it enables you to have an impact, and the income it generates. This is an excellent starting point for viewing summer as an asset rather than an obstacle. 

Cultivating a positive mindset requires more than just being grateful for what you have. It includes being excited for what lies ahead. Find something about your work that inspires you. The relationship you have with your co-workers. The brand-new training you’re attending next month. The bench under that elm where you eat your lunch on warm days. All of those positives can help you cultivate a sunnier mindset and increase your motivation going forward. 

Also, never underestimate the energizing power of a good walk. See if you can’t take a stroll around your campus or office during your lunch break. It will help give you the pep you need to finish your day off strong! (And maybe invite a co-worker, too!)

Re-Prioritize Your Goals 

setting goalsSummer marks the halfway point of the year. So, it’s a fantastic time to take a look at the goals you set for yourself back in January. Things change, and life often gets in the way of our best intentions. During this sometimes slower work period, maintain or boost your motivation by assessing and re-prioritizing goals as needed. 

Ask whether or not your original goals still align with your work values. Are they still reasonable? How can you shift them to earn a win sooner rather than later? Are there some goals you’ve already achieved and did you take a moment to celebrate? 

By asking these questions, you’re identifying your successes, while also seeing what could use more work. From there you can break goals down into more focused tasks, making them easier to manage. 

Re-prioritizing your goals also gives the opportunity to feel a sense of purpose with your work. Lack of direction leads to lack of motivation. But by leaning into your year-end goals, you provide yourself with great motivation to keep up the pace and stay focused. 

Spiff Up Your Workspace 

cleaning workspaceWhen was the last time you looked at your desk and gave it a good clean? If you don’t have a desk job, when was the last time you made your locker, truck, or common area a little brighter? A lot can be said for spiffing up the office during the summer. For shared spaces, like the break room, create a theme or set up a photo wall where everyone can share pictures of their vacations. You’d be surprised how motivating a clutter-free space can be. 

Along similar lines, if you’ve got a job that keeps you at a desk, give that a good reorganizing, as well. If you work reception, deck out the front desk with festive signs of the season. And for your own motivation, incorporate some mementos or photos of your adventures into your space. If it’s a welcoming place to be, you’re more likely to feel satisfied being there. 

Take the Time You’ve Earned 

summer getawayYes. You read that right. If you have time off, use it! While it may seem counterintuitive, taking a break from work is a proven method for increasing work inspiration or motivation. 

According to Mental Health America, vacation time is an excellent way to recharge and refocus. Employers need to be in the habit of encouraging this rest, because, on the other side of it, is an increase in productivity. 

If you are currently in a temp role or if you have limited PTO left for the year, consider talking with your scheduler to create a long weekend scenario. You’d be amazed how much unplugging for three days and exploring somewhere new can benefit your mindset. Plus, the renewed energy everyone at the office will bring back from their getaways may just prove that summer can be the most productive time of the year! 

No matter the season, here at Moore Staffing Services, we’re busy connecting job seekers throughout the region with their dream jobs. And summer is a hot, hot, hot time to find your new job and new life in the Merrimack Valley. If you’re looking to advance your career or to hire your next great team member, call 978 682 4994. We’re ready to help you Get “Moore!”