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3 Proven Strategies to Elevate Business Etiquette in Your Office

3 Proven Strategies to Elevate Business Etiquette in Your Office

It’s Business Etiquette Week, which means we’re putting a spotlight on the types of behaviors that make things tick in the professional world. Just as manners matter around the dinner table, it’s important to know how to be polite in a work setting. Prioritizing business etiquette is just as important as strategizing around your profit margins for next quarter. 

Codes of conduct will differ from company to company, but there are a few guidelines that are universal. Whether it’s dressing the part, communicating effectively, or showing respect to colleagues, elevating your business etiquette improves morale around the office and beyond. 

Dress the Part

professional clothesDressing appropriately for work is an enormous part of maintaining proper business etiquette. What this looks like will depend on your role. For instance, if you’re in an active position on the manufacturing floor, your focus should be on clean clothes that fit well, along with any elements required for safety, like steel-toed boots. In the office, this might look very different, with a suit and tie or the ever-stylish blazer. 

Whatever your role, the work you do is important and how you dress matters a great deal. This can be particularly true if you’re in a management or leadership role, where you are setting an example for those around you. Don’t think of a workplace dress code as restrictive. Its intended purpose is to set a respectable standard. Looking professional plays a massive role in business success. It sends a good message to customers and clients, while also showing respect to the company itself. 

Communicate Effectively 

group meetingEffective communication is an important part of business etiquette that’s often overlooked. When a person’s instructions are clear and concise, productivity increases. But when they’re muddled and confusing, you get the opposite. For managers, it’s about making sure team members keep things professional, while also making people feel valued and listened to. 

This comes from listening to understand. The ears are the most important tool when it comes to effective communication. By hearing what other people have to say, you’re able to create an environment where people thrive. You enhance business etiquette by fostering a place where people are not afraid to provide feedback and make their voices heard. 

Be Respectful 

handshakeWhat good business etiquette boils down to is respect. And it starts with yourself, by dressing professionally and communicating clearly so your perspective can be heard.  

One of the best ways to show respect in the workplace is to show up on time or even early. No one likes to feel as though their time has been wasted. By showing up reliably, you indicate that you are considerate of those around you and are respectful of their schedules. 

For managers, this means starting meetings on time and running them efficiently. For employees, it means logging in on time every day and producing quality work. 

At Moore Staffing Services, our team is big on business etiquette because our goal is to deliver our clients and candidates the best possible service! Creative, successful staffing solutions are baked into the work we do on a daily basis so we can find the right candidate for the right job, every single hire! 

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