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Moore Staffing History

Helen Bellino Moore was a staffing industry pioneer. In 1979 when she started what would become the forerunner of Moore Staffing. Moore Employment, Inc. which was known at the time as “Moore Temps” was born when the unemployment rate was climbing towards 8 percent and the inflation rate over 13 percent.

Helen’s desire to operate her own temp agency came about during her 25+ year career as an executive assistant working for downtown Boston law offices and suburban technology firms. The firms she worked for would occasionally hire temporary employees and that is where Helen found a dream for the staffing industry. With her competitive drive and passion she was determined she could do it better than the firms her employers were using.

It took courage, creativity, and a bit of her savings to get the ball rolling on her new found dream. When her temp agency became a reality it was just a small production that was operating out of the basement of her home in Wilmington MA. With a lot of dedication, Helen eventually was able to move the business from her home into a Wilmington office.

Helen cared deeply about the people she placed and was able to develop strong bonds with them. She would take extra time to teach young recent graduates how to shake a hand or how to dress properly for a job. She would give encouragement to older workers who expressed a lack of confidence and needed a boost. Helen would provide snacks and hors d’oeuvres on Fridays to employees when they would come by to pick up their checks. With this perseverance and love Helen was able to create such a successful business that would continue to strive for the many years to come.

In 2003, after 24 years in the business Helen sold her company to her son, Michael, and retired to Arizona. After a tough and long fight with cancer she eventually lost her battle in January of 2017. She left behind three sons, 5 grandchildren and a legacy that made a positive lasting impact on the many lives she touched as the foundress of Moore Staffing.

In 2024, a new chapter in the Moore Staffing story began, as our long-standing business became a Leddy Group company, joining a strong network of staffing providers throughout New England. Founded in 1994, Leddy Group has grown its employment service offerings to span across New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. Moore Staffing will enable Leddy Group to have an even more personalized presence in the Greater Boston area. 

Moore Staffing Services is now positioned advantageously to help employers navigate the growth of their future workforce. As the professional landscape continues to change, the team is prepared with Leddy Group’s enhanced resources to support individual staffing needs, connecting more local people and local work.