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“Getting a chance to work with a candidate for a few months gives you a chance to evaluate skills, work ethics and personalities which cannot be determined without Contract-to-Hire.”

James Austin
Controller, Northstar Industries
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Contract-To-Hire Program

Save time. Avoid mistakes. Hire the right people.

Try before you buy:

Hiring for a bookkeeper, medical biller or manufacturing technician is time-consuming and can be risky business if you do not get it right. Moore’s Contract-to-Hire Program gives you a great opportunity to see a candidate’s job performance and overall fit for your company before you make a long term hiring commitment.

Moore does the heavy lifting:

With Moore, you shorten the time it takes to hire by turning the majority of the work over to us. We have the processes and resources in place to initiate searches, sort through and screen candidates, take calls and emails from candidates, do initial interviews, confirm software skills and do background and reference checks. All you do is meet with a few highly qualified candidates and hire the one candidate that fits your position.

Candidate Pipeline

Moore continuously maintains a large pipeline of talented candidates so that when you have a need we often have the perfect candidate in sight. Moore’s Contract-to-Hire Program will work for your organization.

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