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3 Proven Strategies to Elevate Business Etiquette in Your Office

3 Proven Strategies to Elevate Business Etiquette in Your Office

It’s Business Etiquette Week, which means we’re putting a spotlight on the types of behaviors that make things tick in the professional world. Just as manners matter around the dinner table, it’s important to know how to be polite in a work setting. Prioritizing business etiquette is just as important as strategizing around your profit margins for next quarter. 

Codes of conduct will differ from company to company, but there are a few guidelines that are universal. Whether it’s dressing the part, communicating effectively, or showing respect to colleagues, elevating your business etiquette improves morale around the office and beyond. 

Dress the Part

professional clothesDressing appropriately for work is an enormous part of maintaining proper business etiquette. What this looks like will depend on your role. For instance, if you’re in an active position on the manufacturing floor, your focus should be on clean clothes that fit well, along with any elements required for safety, like steel-toed boots. In the office, this might look very different, with a suit and tie or the ever-stylish blazer. 

Whatever your role, the work you do is important and how you dress matters a great deal. This can be particularly true if you’re in a management or leadership role, where you are setting an example for those around you. Don’t think of a workplace dress code as restrictive. Its intended purpose is to set a respectable standard. Looking professional plays a massive role in business success. It sends a good message to customers and clients, while also showing respect to the company itself. 

Communicate Effectively 

group meetingEffective communication is an important part of business etiquette that’s often overlooked. When a person’s instructions are clear and concise, productivity increases. But when they’re muddled and confusing, you get the opposite. For managers, it’s about making sure team members keep things professional, while also making people feel valued and listened to. 

This comes from listening to understand. The ears are the most important tool when it comes to effective communication. By hearing what other people have to say, you’re able to create an environment where people thrive. You enhance business etiquette by fostering a place where people are not afraid to provide feedback and make their voices heard. 

Be Respectful 

handshakeWhat good business etiquette boils down to is respect. And it starts with yourself, by dressing professionally and communicating clearly so your perspective can be heard.  

One of the best ways to show respect in the workplace is to show up on time or even early. No one likes to feel as though their time has been wasted. By showing up reliably, you indicate that you are considerate of those around you and are respectful of their schedules. 

For managers, this means starting meetings on time and running them efficiently. For employees, it means logging in on time every day and producing quality work. 

At Moore Staffing Services, our team is big on business etiquette because our goal is to deliver our clients and candidates the best possible service! Creative, successful staffing solutions are baked into the work we do on a daily basis so we can find the right candidate for the right job, every single hire! 

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5 Unexpected Team Building Ideas in the Merrimack Valley

5 Unexpected Team Building Ideas in the Merrimack Valley

Strong teams don’t just happen overnight. They’re built through years of dedication and encouraging trust among coworkers. While there may be an air of staleness surrounding the idea of team building exercises, there doesn’t need to be. In fact, there are many fun and unexpected ways you can build camaraderie and collaboration right here in the Merrimack Valley. 

The Valley is a large cluster of New England towns and cities all centered around the beautiful Merrimack River. Major cities include Manchester and Nashua, New Hampshire, and Lowell and Lawrence, Massachusetts, but there are plenty of other small, vibrant towns that provide no shortage of fun ways to build your team. 

If you’re stuck on how best to bring your employees together in a way that feels fun and not phony, we’ve got five awesome ideas that will get your creative juices flowing! All take advantage of this wonderful region we call home.

Walk Through History at Minuteman National Historic Park 

Minuteman National ParkMinuteman National Historic Park, while technically just outside of Valley limits, is chock full of history. If you’ve got history buffs on your team, you’re going to want to check this place out. Filled to the brim with 18th-century homes, rock walls, and beautiful woodlands, Minuteman is the perfect place to take your team for an outing. 

Head out on the Battle Road Hike to see the path that the Massachusetts Militia walked to meet the British Soldiers at Lexington. The surrounding history also makes the park perfect for a scavenger hunt! 

These may be old school, but there are few better methods of engaging your team than a scavenger hunt. As an activity, it encourages people to think critically and strategically, with a little friendly competition thrown in for good measure. 

Make sure whatever tasks you set for this scavenger hunt are tested by you first. This ensures there’s enough momentum to the game and that none of the puzzle pieces are too tricky to solve. A tacky trophy should do the trick for the winning team. (Maybe everyone will even want to compete for it again!) And a local gift card is always a nice token, as well.

Treat Your Team to Music at the Lowell Summer Music Series 

outdoor concertWith the warm weather here, why not treat your team to a night out with the Lowell Summer Music Series? Presented by the nonprofit Lowell Festival Foundation, all concerts are set at the beautiful, tree-lined Boarding House Park. Events accommodate a wide range of musical tastes, from folk bands and local rockers to Taylor Swift cover bands. Invite your team to bring their lawn chairs and enjoy an evening out with some fantastic music. 

You can also stir up excitement about this BIG EVENT beforehand! Instead of simply choosing a show and making the announcement, try turning it into a competition of sorts. Think of it like a March Madness Bracket.

Split your team into groups based on their musical preferences and provide each group with a work goal to meet. The matched team to meet the goal first gets to knock the other off the bracket. Continue until the winning band is chosen, and then go ahead and score your tickets!

Grab Some Ice Cream at Kimball Farm 

ice creamWho would say no to ice cream? We certainly wouldn’t, and neither would your team! While there are a number of fantastic ice cream places in the Merrimack Valley, Kimball Farm has to be the most famous. In business since 1939, they’ve been serving up scoop after delicious scoop of homemade ice cream for over eight decades! There are 50+ flavors to choose from, all of them made in-house at their Westford, Carlisle, Lancaster, and Jaffrey, NH locations

For some serious team building, plan ahead and make arrangements for your team at the Westford location. There are tons of great activities to choose from, ranging from mini golf to bumper boats. One of the great things about treating your team to some old-fashioned fun here is that it puts everyone at ease. With good summer vibes in action, there’s plenty of room for people to connect. 

See Your Team Soar at SkyVenture 

Indoor SkydivingIf your team is close to Nashua, New Hampshire, consider a trip to SkyVenture to see your employees literally soar. Home of indoor skydiving, SkyVenture offers an air tunnel that mimics the feeling of taking the dive. But it doesn’t require anyone to actually jump out of an airplane. It’s a fun and safe venue for the whole team to enjoy.

Apart from the skydiving tunnel, SkyVenture also offers rock climbing, a waterslide, and a café for a little downtime when you’re finished thrill seeking. Keep in mind that some team members may prefer to keep it low-key. Team building is meant to be fun, and that should never come at the expense of someone feeling uncomfortable. 

For an event like this, invite the whole crew, but create a separate sign-up sheet specifically for those interested in skydiving. This will show that you take everyone’s comfort levels into consideration. Who knows, watching other coworkers “skydive” may encourage another, more reluctant employee to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zone.  

Enjoy Endless Fun at Chucksters Family Fun Park 

bumper carsThere’s always something to be said for staging a big team building event, whether it’s a summer concert or a company-wide picnic. But having a more casual day together is also great. If that sounds up your alley, try Chucksters Family Fun Park

This park is absolutely enormous and one of New Hampshire’s top locations for family fun. Located on Route 4 in Chichester, New Hampshire, Chucksters offers more than you could possibly add to one list, but we’ll try to summarize. Here you can minigolf, zipline, rock climb, trampoline, eat ice cream, and demolish your coworkers in bumper cars. What makes Chucksters even more fun is that it’s a place where team members can bring their families along. Group discounts for over 100 people are offered and allow you exclusive use of the party tent at the Grove Picnic Area. 

Here at Moore Staffing Services, our clients Get Moore than just a new employee. They get a dedicated team member who will help their business grow for years into the future! If you’re looking to hire in one of our many specialty areas, give us a call today at 978 682 4994. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Remote Hiring

Remote Hiring

Remote Hiring – Everything You Need to Know to Be Successful from the point of view of the hiring team at Moore Staffing Services.

Staffing Digitally

So now that we are living in a mostly digital age, how do we adjust successfully? The answer to this question is especially important for job seekers. In the past job interviews were something you had to plan ahead for. You would probably pick a professional outfit the night before, and practice your answers to some typical to be expected questions. Once you’ve got it down you would gps the route to the location of the interview and you would be greeted by someone working the front desk. Eventually you would be taken to a room for the interview. So how has this process adjusted now that hiring occurs virtually?

How You Can Be a Successful Interviewer

In 2021, the interview standard has adapted to the new format that it takes via computer. Here we are in a new era, another year where remote hiring is the go to process for filling jobs. As a staffing company we would like to share some key aspects of a good online interview. 

First and foremost, the process of planning before hand, selecting professional apparel and preparing for potential questions still stands. But this time you need to consider that you can have notes in front of you, outside the view of the interviewer. Take advantage of this. 

When asked what makes for an impressive zoom interview Mike Moore, Chief Operating Officer & President of Moore Staffing explains that, “many of the impressionable attributes in an interview are the same as when in person. It is definitely important to highlight one’s communication skills with good verbal responses to questions. Be sure that you are set up in a professional manner with the camera completely still and framing your entire face.

Another key thing is being honest about your experiences and skills. No one has done everything and that is ok. The most impressive thing is to offer genuine and real answers. These things also are advisable for in person interviews.” Mike has conducted his fair share of interviews over the 40 plus years at Moore. It is safe to say that professionalism and genuine answers remain key to successful job interviews, even on a virtual platform like zoom.

With all of these elements and a little bit of practice so that you can be well adjusted to talking about yourself facing a computer screen and camera, you will be good to go and well on your way to landing that dream job. 

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The Resurgence of Manufacturing Jobs

The Resurgence of Manufacturing Jobs

The Resurgence

As the Covid-19 Pandemic winds down, manufacturing companies are facing numerous opportunities to expand their production and success. To put this in perspective let’s take a look at some of the numbers. In February of 2021, the measure of factory activity sat at a solid 60.8. In the next month, factory activity made a significant leap to 64.7, which has not been done since the early eighties. This resurgence of manufacturing jobs can be accredited to a demand for new orders and increased production rates.

These expanded numbers are indisputably related to the change in how we are spending our money. Online ordering skyrocketed in the past year because of the pandemic. This generated a huge demand in factory goods necessary for at home activities and needs. In the aftermath of pandemic related layoffs, many manufacturers have been seeking to rehire past employees and even search for new ones. The increased need for factory production has allowed for these job opportunities to return and steadily increase.

Industry Expansion

The manufacturing industry is making the climb back to normalcy at an impressive and hopeful rate. What does this mean for manufacturing professionals? The manufacturing industry has a wide range of professions and levels to account for, let alone the subgroup fields. At Moore Staffing, manufacturing opportunities range from, picker packer jobs, all the way to manager positions.

We work with various fields of manufacturers including, medical, fabrication, plastics, electronics, metals, and more! All of these jobs have varying levels of education and experience required. More and more jobs are requiring no experience or direct education at all because the resurgence of manufacturing jobs has been so rapid.

Our team of Talent Specialists match candidates with positions every single day and are awaiting your resume submission! Check out our job search engine on our website to discover the numerous manufacturing jobs available along with all of our other verticals.

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Best of Staffing Winner 3 Years in a Row

Best of Staffing Winner 3 Years in a Row




Clients of winning agencies are twice as likely to be completely satisfied. 

Methuen, MA. Feb. 23, 2021

Moore Staffing, a leading staffing agency announced today that they have won the Best of Staffing Client Award and Talent Award for providing superior service to their clients and candidates. Presented in partnership with presenting sponsor CareerBuilder and gold sponsors Indeed & Talent.com, ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Award winners have proven to be industry leaders in service quality based entirely on ratings provided by their clients. On average, clients and candidates of winning agencies are twice as likely to be completely satisfied with the services provided compared to those working with non-winning agencies.

  • Moore Staffing received satisfaction scored of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 80% of their clients, significantly higher than the industry’s average of 38%
  • Moore Staffing received satisfaction scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 81.1% of their placed job candidates, significantly higher than the industry’s average of 40%.        

 “Our company works hard to make service a priority and we are proud and honored to be recognized for our efforts in this way.” Moore Staffing President and CEO, Mike Moore said.

“After one of the most turbulent years in modern history, winners of the 2021 Best of Staffing award have proven their commitment to go above and beyond in support of their clients and placed talent,” said ClearlyRated’s CEO and Founder, Eric Gregg. “These service leaders have demonstrated their capacity to be agile, to be precise, and to prioritize the client and talent experience above all else. It is my honor to celebrate and showcase the 2021 Best of Staffing winners alongside feedback from their actual clients and placed talent on ClearlyRated.com!”

About Best of Staffing
ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Award
 is the only award in the U.S. and Canada that recognizes staffing agencies that have proven superior service quality based entirely on ratings provided by their clients and placed talent. Award winners are showcased by city and area of expertise on ClearlyRated.com—an online business directory that helps buyers of professional services find service leaders and vet prospective firms with the help of validated ratings and testimonials.

Thank you to all that participated and for your ongoing partnerships.

Please feel free to reach out to Moore at teams@moorestaffing.com or by calling (978) 682-4994 to discuss current and future roles. 

5 Out of the Box Resume Tips

5 Out of the Box Resume Tips

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Here are a quick 5 tips for resume perfection!

  1. Have your resume on your computer and your phone!
    • Don’t get stuck not being able to submit your information when presented the opportunity. Someone will beat you to it.
    • Store it on:
      • icloud
      • Google drive
      • Dropbox
  2. Make sure you have a PDF and Word Doc!

    • Lots of times, Hiring Managers systems cant read PDFs the correct way. Having them both on hand could make all the difference.
  3. Do your Linkedin and Resume match?

    • Connecting with hiring managers at the companies you want to work for is a great strategy -especially after the first interview.
    • Make sure your resume matches your Linkedin Experience. Otherwise questioning your skills becomes easier…
  4. Be sure to include keywords for the position you are applying to in your resume.

    • This will help if your resume is being fed into an automated applicant tracking system.
    • It will also help if human eyes are reading it first. Hiring managers want to know that you have the basic qualifications at a quick glance.
  5. Ask a Professional

    • Resume writing requires specific action language. It is best to start with a verb and provide data to prove your work is effective
    • Working with a staffing agency will get you that feedback on how your resume competes against others looking for similar work.
    • Staffing Agencies can also help you adjust the wording to better align with what you are searching for while getting it on Hiring Managers desks.

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