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Why Hiring Heroes is a Great Move for Your Business

Why Hiring Heroes is a Great Move for Your Business

May is Military Appreciation Month, and we want to shine a light on why hiring heroes is a great move for your business. Veterans are detail-oriented workers with the capacity to handle stressful situations, lead teams, and adapt to new skills quickly. 

What we hear all the time from our client businesses is that they want to build a more sustainable, long-lasting workforce. If that resonates with you, hiring heroes should be among your top strategies. 

Thanks to their military backgrounds, veteran employees are going to help your bottom line. And they are known for having positive impacts on company culture because they come from an environment where teamwork is critical. When you’ve got employees who actively enhance your culture, the sustainability of your workforce increases dramatically. 

Here’s why you should consider hiring heroes as a strategy for your growing business… 


leadership at workThe military explicitly trains recruits in leadership skills through guidance, motivation, and innovation. Veterans are also trained to think strategically, which will come in handy when leading a team. When you make the decision to hire a trained leader, your team will respond in kind. And your business will likely see a boost in productivity and positivity. That’s the power of good leadership.  


military veteranPart of the strategic mindset trained into military members is to solve problems in creative ways. Combat strategies require solutions that cut through challenges while minimizing damage wherever possible. Having someone experienced in solving problems in extreme situations is enormously beneficial. The creative solutions veterans bring to the table can help your team navigate tough transition periods, busy seasons, and even choosing which new pizza place to order from for the office party. 


Adapting to news skills is an essential part of military life. From the moment an individual arrives at basic training, they’re immersed in new experiences and challenges that require them to implement new thinking and skill sets. Working hard is part of a veteran’s DNA. That lets you know they are likely to adapt more easily than others when change is thrown their way. 


teamworkIn a combat situation, there is nothing more important than your team. That’s why veterans are incredible at collaborating. They know there is nothing more valuable than a loyal team that has your back no matter what. 

On the other side, confidence grows when you have a co-worker who will lift the rest of the team up by completing work on time and to the very best of their ability. When your employee’s actively support one another, there will be less stress, more productivity, and better camaraderie. 

Talent x10

Our military is made up of a diverse pool of talented individuals. No two veterans are going to be alike in their talents, and that’s a good thing. The military has an amazing array of career paths, ranging from engineers and technicians, to administrative staff and health care professionals. A veteran can fit into any number of different roles because they’ve already done it in the military. This wide range of experience and talent makes them a perfect fit for various levels of employment across industries.


job interview military veteranDue to the physically and mentally stressful situations they’ve faced in the military, veterans are incredibly resilient in terms of stress management. This quality can be crucial in all sorts of work environments, but it’s especially prized in jobs that are fast-paced and demanding. Effective stress management is essential when it comes to meeting deadlines or handling difficult situations, making veterans a stabilizing force for your business.  

Tax Advantages 

Aside from significant benefits for your company culture and productivity, hiring veterans also offers financial benefits for companies. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federally run program that provides financial incentives to employ many different groups, including qualified military veterans.

Companies may see even more tax breaks through other credit categories such as service-connected disabilities. The U.S Department of Veteran Affairs and the U.S. Department of Labor both provide helpful resources regarding hiring veterans. 

For over 40 years, Moore Staffing Services has had the honor of serving the veteran community of New England by helping them find employment in areas fit to their talents. If you’re a military veteran looking for a new career after service, contact us. We’ll help you Get Moore out of your career! Call (978) 682-4994 or visit moorestaffingservices.com


We’re Poised for Growth and Now Officially a Leddy Group Company

We’re Poised for Growth and Now Officially a Leddy Group Company


We’ve got some fantastic news to share! Moore Staffing Services is excited to announce that we have recently become a Leddy Group Company. Our agency will now be part of a strong network of staffing providers located throughout New England. Since 1980, Moore Staffing has been a top employment service for industries like accounting, engineering, healthcare, and manufacturing. Now, we are honored to see Leddy Group carry our business’ legacy into the future.

Carrying on the Legacy 

Moore Staffing Services a Leddy Group Company 2024

Patty McGrail, VP of Leddy Group and Michael Moore of Moore Staffing Services

For over 40 years, Moore Staffing Services has maintained an excellent reputation for assisting candidates with finding great jobs and companies with hiring great people. This makes us a perfect fit for Leddy Group’s mission of helping people in New England find meaningful work. And now, Moore Staffing will have greater capabilities than ever before!

“Leddy Group will undoubtedly be an outstanding partner for Moore’s clients, candidates, and employees,” said former COO and President, Michael Moore. Patty McGrail, Senior Vice President of Leddy Group, shared Michael’s sentiments and relayed excitement about continuing to cultivate a strong footprint in the Eastern Massachusetts area. 

Founded in 1994, Leddy Group has grown its employment service offerings to span across New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. Moore Staffing will enable Leddy Group to have an even more personalized presence in the Greater Boston area. “We’re also excited to diversify and continue to grow the Moore Staffing/Leddy Group client portfolio and develop true strategic relationships,” McGrail said. 

Looking to the Future 

Job CandidatesMoore Staffing Services is now positioned advantageously to help employers navigate the growth of their future workforce. As the professional landscape continues to change, our team is prepared with Leddy Group’s enhanced resources to support individual staffing needs, connecting more local people and local work. The business is “in great hands,” Moore said.

To all of our current clients, rest assured we’re not going anywhere! Our services are bound to get even better the more we draw from Leddy Group’s resources! We can’t tell you how thrilled we are to be a part of this family of staffing agencies. We’re ready to help even more people find their dream jobs! 

If you’re looking for work, or are an employer looking to tap into a vast pool of candidates, give us a call at 978 682 4994 or visit moorestaffing.com to learn more about who we are and what we do! 

Continuing Education and Some Resources To Do It

Continuing Education and Some Resources To Do It

Continuing Education and Some Resources To Do It

“A person who won’t read has no advantage over the one who can’t read” – Mark Twain

Education and developing skills is something that drastically changes after we decide to leave the traditional school route. Many of us leave this system after high school, undergraduate or masters and that’s it. If professional development is required or created by our employer, we attend and participate, but many of us do not seek out education on our own. But continuing education doesn’t have to be in the traditional sense through a school, the internet has changed the way we can continue to learn.

If the recent times has taught us anything here at Moore Staffing, we have learned that seeking education to develop our skills is of the utmost importance. It is a great way to support or extend your resume, sticking out as a potential employee. (Come back soon for ways to fine tune your resume and stick out to hiring managers specifically. It’ll be series on our blog over the next few weeks.)

Continuing education does not directly have to align with your career either. Developing new skills strengthens other skill sets that may apply to your profession. In attempting to fill our day with meaning during these times, taking steps to explore education online is in everyone’s best interest.

To put one skill, reading, into perspective, here are a few statistics:

“Less than a third of 13-year-olds were daily readers in 2007, a 14 percent decline from 20 years earlier. For 17-year-olds, the percentage of non-readers doubled over a 20 year period.” (From: here)

“21 million Americans can’t read at all, 45 million are marginally illiterate and one-fifth of high school graduates can’t read their diplomas.” (From: here)

On the opposite side of the spectrum billionaires and millionaires read more than 10x the average. Here is a great list of billionaires and their reading habits. https://medium.com/@samklemens/the-reading-habits-of-10-millionaires-and-billionaires-d2b2372143c8

Education is the greatest weapon in our arsenal. Many times it’s as simple as dedicating time to pick up a book. The billionaires of the world are a perfect example of how education, more specifically reading, correlates to your success. If reading isn’t enjoyable, audio books are a great way to receive the same content and pass the time.

Online resources are extensive and great opportunities to capitalize on. While motivating oneself to be on top of learning in this way is an adjustment, practice makes perfect and there are plenty of free opportunities to get in the swing of things.

There is a great quote about education from Andy McIntyre stating “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” And there are many aspects to this statement that are true, but we also realize many people are on a budget or don’t have the same access to education as others. For that reason, below is a list of mostly free, some paid for opportunities to learn almost anything online.


















Google certifications

Facebook certifications


We recommend starting with something you’re passionate about or interested in to get into the swing of dedicating time to learning and producing work outside of your workplace. It will keep motivation high and add to the amount of fun in your day during times where we feel stuck. Then progress to other skills that may not be as intriguing but necessary or complimentary to your chosen or future profession. For example, our Marketing Strategist has been taking the Imagineering in a Box course on Khan Academy created by Disney. While imagineering and creating a theme park does not apply to her career, she has been developing and increasing her skills regarding creativity and the importance of genuineness.

Comment below what your favorite course have been and why! Wed love to gain some feedback on which learning channels have worked for you and provide others with suggestions on where to start.

Accounting and Finance Staffing Solutions

Accounting and Finance Staffing Solutions

Accounting and Finance Staffing Solutions- An Explanation of Our Vertical and the Importance of Specialization 

Moore Staffing provides various sized organizations in a wide spectrum of industries with top accounting, financial, revenue cycle management and bookkeeping talent. We ensure that candidates meet and exceed the job description provided by our clients through specializing and becoming experts in our verticals.

So what does it mean for a Staffing Solutions Team to have expertise in the Accounting and Finance industry and why does it matter?

The simple answer, from a staffing perspective, is that it means to have knowledge in the industry to further understand and exceed your clients expectations.

More specifically, for our Accounting and Finance Staffing Solutions team, it means that we understand the trade specific skills and how to probe potential candidates for their proficiency in them. And with over 40 years of experience, we can say we’ve done just that.

Our staffing managers make a point of following the market trends. By staying in tune with the projection of their industry, they are able to better assess what skills candidates will need to progress and further their future employer’s business.

For example, back 20+ years ago, accounting and bookkeeping had just begun to use computerized systems. It was important to be ahead of the trend and source accountants with specific computer skills and program experience. This not only did this impressed our clients but gave them the flexibility with their new hire to start onboarding the innovations into their business model without needing to educate or train them.

A more recent trend has been cloud accounting. With this being the trend we have made efforts to stay on top of these skills even if they aren’t required by the client due to the fact that they may be in the near future. Understanding the industry trends and expectations for roles gives our managers a base for their search, but understanding the client culture and requirements for an individual client is done through relationship building and experience.

By maintaining relationships with our clients, we become an extension of their organization and educate ourselves according to their companies mission and differentiation points. Using this knowledge and our understanding of the client’s workplace culture, we are able to source and back valuable candidates for our client to choose from. More recently, accounting and financial services have seen a shift in work from home capabilities. Different clients offer different supports in their work from home shift, so when sourcing talent, we verify that a candidates at home capabilities complies with what the company is able to provide.

Our service isn’t limited to a particular level of employee or sector within the clientele. Being a small business ourselves, we understand what it has meant to build from the ground up. Because of this we are able to apply our knowledge to ground level employee fills, all the way up to senior management. We also understand the cross functionality of employment within an organization and have the ability to fill all job types within the company. Our vertical can be applied across industries to organizations that need financing and accounting roles filled or to finance and accounting firms who need various roles filled.

Specializing in the vertical also allows us to be experts when speaking with potential candidates in ways outside of examining their skills. While speaking to their experience and their career goals is our first look at candidates, we also strive to understand their personality and how they interact with people. Like our clients, building relationships with our candidates is of the utmost importance so we make efforts to follow up with them and keep communication open even after they have been placed. We often find that exemplary candidates just need slight tweaks to their resume presentation or their interview skills and being specialized in their field, we are able to provide them the best advice possible.

Specializing gives a more quality focused service to both our candidates and clients.

Here are a few of our success stories:

Working with our client who does prototyping through production for critical applications in all types of metals and plastics has been one of our favorites. This was a client that had no HR middle person to engage with onboarding new personnel.  Building trust and rapport with this client was essential to get our candidate in their office, but also that allowed us be more engaged and having them trust us with more openings. Being able to collaborate with another vertical within Moore Staffing gave us even more expertise in sourcing their perfect candidate as a cross sector fill within the company. We have been able to continue our relationship with this client and always look forward to working with them.

Another great success was with our client who is one of the largest workwear and textile service companies in North America. It has been a great experience for us mutually.  Making sure we understand the hiring manager needs, has allowed us to fill jobs, but also for this client to trust us with sending us more job orders across their organization. That open communication was key to supporting this client.

One candidate for a Tax Manager placement was one of our favorite candidate stories yet. He had come to us with over 20 years of experience and having his own firm but with no resume.  We coached him, helped him build his Curriculum Vitae and placed him at a top local public accounting firm. Both our client and candidate were fulfilled with the placement.

Here at Moore Staffing, our Accounting and Finance Solutions Team understands that specializing and gaining knowledge in their vertical expands their ability to exceed both candidates’ and clients’ needs. It is truly about finding solutions and having the expertise in the industry provides tremendous results.

Moore Mini Golf Tournament to Benefit American Training, Inc.

Moore Mini Golf Tournament to Benefit American Training, Inc.

Moore Mini Golf Tournament to Benefit American Training, Inc.

Back on September 24th, 2019, Moore Staffing Services hosted a Mini Golf Tournament to benefit American Training at Cerderland Family Fun Center. Following in the beliefs of our founder Helen Moore, we partnered with a two companies that believe every life matters.  Cederdlands mission is to provide activities for families to get their children active and maintain a healthy life style, as a branch of Cederdale Health and Fitness Center. American Training has inspired us over the years, providing housing, education, training & support services to people with disabilities, youth at risk & adult learners who are looking for a pathway towards a more meaningful life.

With families and friends as teams, the tournament started with some competitive fun. Casual dining gave participants a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and members of the community. Raffles were held to raise money to support such a wonderful, local organization who directly affects members of our community. Many winners walked away with bundles of goodies, including New England Sports team tickets. Overall the day was fun and exciting, as all ages and abilities were able to join in the fun! It is times like these where we can reflect at the power of community, giving back and paying it forward. This tournament left a lasting impression on those who were able to attend and the money raised has affected many lives for the better.

Even in the current state of the world due to covid19, we remember these times and are excited for our future partnerships. As a fellow small business who is dedicated to changing lives for the better, we hope these events can resume sooner rather than later.

If you need assistance finding employment, email your resume to: team@moorestaffing.com

If you are a business looking for a partnership, please email: mike@moorestaffing.com

We are better together!

Ways to Support Small Businesses Safely

Ways to Support Small Businesses Safely

It is no secret businesses are experiencing trying times due to the current state of the world. Small businesses, in particular, will face particularly challenging obstacles. As a supporter of small business and one ourselves, Moore Staffing has put together a list of ways to support your favorite small businesses without leaving the house.

  1. Practice Social Distancing
    • STAY HOME, if you can. Many small businesses have a limited number of employees. Infecting one of their workers could spread it to the entire organization very quickly. They will then be out of production far longer than they would be if their employees remain healthy and safe.
  2. Shop online.
    • Some small businesses offer substantial opportunities to do business with them online. Using this platform is a safe way to keep a distance but also engage with your favorite small business
  3. Rate Them
    • Take 5 minutes to give your favorite small businesses a 5 start review online. Not only will this entertain you for 5 minutes, it will really help these businesses get the exposure they deserve. Spread positivity!
  4. Schedule Online Sessions or Communication
    • The service sector of small businesses will be hit with unexplored challenges the hardest. Give them a call! See what innovations you can create with them to extend their services virtually. This is especially great for particular therapies.
  5. Gift Cards
    • If you think you would have visited their store in these weeks when social distancing has been in place, buy a gift card for yourself. It’s a great “treat yourself, self-love” gift and you can definitely use it in the future.
  6. Order In
    • Ordering in is a great way to still get that deliciousness and support your local restaurants.
  7. Online Donations
    • This is geared more towards charities and nonprofits, many of which have had to cancel events this upcoming spring. They work tremendously to help those in need and would appreciate your support from home.
  8. Like and Share
    • Social media is a powerful thing. Help spread the word by liking and sharing businesses posts. You may help a friend and the business at the same time by sharing information.