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Do You Know Why Recruiting Companies Need to Keep Their Clients Confidential?

Do You Know Why Recruiting Companies Need to Keep Their Clients Confidential?

Okay, so you’re tired of hearing crickets every time you send out your resume. You decide to check out local recruiting companies to see if they can help simplify your job search. But when you get to the job listings, none of them name the companies that are actually hiring. What’s the deal? It’s important to remember that recruiting companies don’t just serve job seekers. We also support the employers we partner with. Our role is to play matchmaker between the two and help both sides make a great fit with less stress.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to partner with a local recruiting company to find their next great employee. We do most of the up-front work, like reading resumes, matching skills, and a host of other things that save countless hours. This frees up that time so business owners can focus on growth. Good stuff, right? But perhaps most importantly, something we offer our client companies is confidentiality. 

From a job seeker’s perspective, it may seem frustrating not to have all the job information right out of the gate. Job hunting is an emotional time, and it’s perfectly understandable to want the details straight away. 

But we encourage job seekers to look at things from the employer’s point of view, too. Let’s talk about exactly why we need to keep employer information private. And we’ll give you the inside scoop on when it becomes appropriate during the hiring process for us to share more information. You’ll find it’s not all as top secret as it may appear. 

Why Confidentiality 

recruiterFor employers, there’s a lot going on when they choose to open up a new position. As stressful as job searching may be for the seeker, the hiring period can be equally taxing on a company. There are tons of different reasons why clients require their information to remain confidential with recruiting companies. But the biggest has to do with timing. 

For any of us, there are nuanced times in life you’d rather not share with the people around you. This may even be true of your job search. Perhaps you’re considering a new career move under the radar while still employed by a local company. 

There are times when an employer needs the same kind of privacy. This could involve confidential information about a merger and acquisition. It could also be more personal in nature, such as a company looking to replace an employee who is underperforming. 

The only party outside of the company allowed to have all the information is us, the staffing service. The info provides a better scope of our clients’ situation, and we can match candidates according to their needs. 

When the Time is Right 

job interviewThere’s a high level of trust at play between recruiting companies and the employers and job seekers who work with us. The client trusts that we will keep their information confidential, while also finding the best candidate to fill their open positions. Job seekers trust us to find work that fits their skill set at a company they can thrive in. That’s why timing is key.

So when do we reveal the full details of an employer? When they express serious interest in a candidate. It’s at this point that we can give the job seeker complete details about a company. And this allows them to do their own due diligence and get a sense for what the business is like. Clients will only allow us to reveal this information when they are ready to begin the interview process and potentially hire a candidate. 

So we say to all you job seekers out there, be patient. The information will be revealed at the right time. We promise.

Don’t Circumvent the Process 

secret phone callThis is where trust and patience come into play. While it’s human nature to want to know more, we strongly recommend candidates avoid circumventing the process. 

You should never contact any of the parties involved except for your lead recruiter. First off, it would be highly unprofessional, putting your integrity at risk, as well as that of the recruiting company. The client chose to work with a recruiting service for a reason. They don’t necessarily want hoards of job seekers banging on their doors trying to get a position. They want the right candidate—hopefully you! 

You could also contact the wrong client by accident and how would that look? Best to avoid a messy mixup so you don’t end up being disqualified for a position that would be a great fit.

Seek Out Reputable Recruiting Companies 

just hiredOne final thing to be aware of is that when you choose to work with an employment service, you always want to find a reputable one. There are “shady” services out there that do not take confidentiality seriously for clients or candidates. That’s why working with tried and true professionals is the way to go. 

When you connect with an organization like Moore Staffing Services, you’re getting decades of experience building trust within the local community of businesses and job seekers. Because of these stable, long-term relationships, you can trust the advice and information you receive. 

At Moore Staffing Services, we’ve been serving businesses and job seekers in the Merrimack Valley since 1980. Whether on the Massachusetts or New Hampshire side of the valley, we can help you find the job or candidate that’s right for you! If you’re ready to Get Moore out of your career or business, call 978-682-4994 or visit moorestaffing.com


Here’s How to Avoid Social Media Screening Issues When You’re Job Hunting

Here’s How to Avoid Social Media Screening Issues When You’re Job Hunting

Social media has totally transformed the way we communicate and work. And today’s hiring managers pay attention to a candidate’s online profiles when they’re considering a new hire. What they find during a social media screening plays a big role in the decision-making process. 

According to a study by The Harris Poll, 70% of employers believe in social media screening, with 67% putting it into practice. 55% said they found inappropriate content that resulted in them not hiring a candidate. If this doesn’t give you butterflies, it really should. 

You need to be on top of your social media game. Not by posting what will get the most likes or shares but by avoiding posts that could prevent you from getting hired. It’s important to understand the types of posts that are acceptable and those that aren’t.  

From doubling up your accounts, knowing what types of posts to avoid, to seeing exactly what hiring managers are looking for, we’ll walk you through the best practices to avoid social media screening problems. But first, we’ll give you the skinny on what exactly social media screening is from the employer’s side of things. 

What is Social Media Screening? 

hiring manager screening social mediaSocial media screening is the process hiring managers use to check your profiles for problematic posts. The three main platforms employers check are LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter), but they will also hop over to Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube if you have a channel. 

The point of a social media screening is to get a picture of who you are as a person. They look at what you post, who you follow, who follows you, and the posts you’re being tagged in. The top platform employers will check is LinkedIn. Essentially the online version of your resume, LinkedIn has long been considered the most professional social media platform. So your LinkedIn should be like your resume: up-to-date, clean, and well-rounded. 

It’s not on LinkedIn that you’re likely to run into trouble though. It’s the personal platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok, that create the most opportunity for issues. It is worth noting that hiring managers are not private detectives. They aren’t trying to dig up anything damaging. They are just trying to get to know you pre-interview so they can be prepared with questions. It’s up to you to anticipate the kinds of problems they’d see. 

What Are Hiring Managers Looking For? 

candidates on social mediaHiring managers are looking for clean, professional content that demonstrates sincerity. This is why they scour LinkedIn first. If you’re in the habit of re-posting interesting articles about your field, following pertinent companies, and creating professional posts, this will demonstrate to hiring managers that you’re highly attuned to what’s going on in your field. 

This level of professionalism applies to personal platforms, too. Do not post anything that displays:

🚫Inappropriate photographs or videos

🚫Lots of profanity


🚫Drug or alcohol use

🚫Untruthful information

🚫Nudity of any kind

🚫Complaints about your employer or job

🚫Offensive memes

🚫Or other inappropriate material. 

It’s also important to make sure you’re not tagged in anything that paints you in a negative light.

How to Keep Your Social Media Clean as a Whistle

social mediaThe solution to these issues isn’t to deactivate all your social media profiles. Not being on social media, especially LinkedIn, can actually hurt your job prospects. It’s fine to have a social media presence; you just need to be vigilant about what’s there. 

Social media paints a picture of your life and you as a person. So why not stick to only posting that which highlights your best qualities? Put it out there that you have knowledge, keep up with trends, and are passionate about your career. Never be afraid to share your accomplishments! Seriously, highlighting promotions, life achievements like graduating, and any awards you receive will show potential employers that you’re a motivated person. 

If you’re someone who values personal privacy, you might want to consider making two accounts. One can be private for just family and trusted friends. The other can be a public, professional account you share with everyone else. Remember, hiring managers are not private detectives looking for a scoop. They are just doing a preliminary screening. If what they see is clean, catered, and professional, there’s not going to be a problem.  

What this all boils down to is common sense. If you’re about to post something someone might take offense to, even if it is the littlest thing, don’t post it. Think Twice, Post Once, or Not At All. It really is that easy.

Afraid of what your social media profile might do for your job prospects? Let us help you! We’re a team of employment professionals who have been in the business for over 40 years. We can help you navigate the job market with ease and clarity. 

So, if you’re looking for work, give us a call at 978 682 4994 or visit moorestaffing.com to learn more about who we are and what we do! 


Accounting and Finance Staffing Solutions

Accounting and Finance Staffing Solutions

Accounting and Finance Staffing Solutions- An Explanation of Our Vertical and the Importance of Specialization 

Moore Staffing provides various sized organizations in a wide spectrum of industries with top accounting, financial, revenue cycle management and bookkeeping talent. We ensure that candidates meet and exceed the job description provided by our clients through specializing and becoming experts in our verticals.

So what does it mean for a Staffing Solutions Team to have expertise in the Accounting and Finance industry and why does it matter?

The simple answer, from a staffing perspective, is that it means to have knowledge in the industry to further understand and exceed your clients expectations.

More specifically, for our Accounting and Finance Staffing Solutions team, it means that we understand the trade specific skills and how to probe potential candidates for their proficiency in them. And with over 40 years of experience, we can say we’ve done just that.

Our staffing managers make a point of following the market trends. By staying in tune with the projection of their industry, they are able to better assess what skills candidates will need to progress and further their future employer’s business.

For example, back 20+ years ago, accounting and bookkeeping had just begun to use computerized systems. It was important to be ahead of the trend and source accountants with specific computer skills and program experience. This not only did this impressed our clients but gave them the flexibility with their new hire to start onboarding the innovations into their business model without needing to educate or train them.

A more recent trend has been cloud accounting. With this being the trend we have made efforts to stay on top of these skills even if they aren’t required by the client due to the fact that they may be in the near future. Understanding the industry trends and expectations for roles gives our managers a base for their search, but understanding the client culture and requirements for an individual client is done through relationship building and experience.

By maintaining relationships with our clients, we become an extension of their organization and educate ourselves according to their companies mission and differentiation points. Using this knowledge and our understanding of the client’s workplace culture, we are able to source and back valuable candidates for our client to choose from. More recently, accounting and financial services have seen a shift in work from home capabilities. Different clients offer different supports in their work from home shift, so when sourcing talent, we verify that a candidates at home capabilities complies with what the company is able to provide.

Our service isn’t limited to a particular level of employee or sector within the clientele. Being a small business ourselves, we understand what it has meant to build from the ground up. Because of this we are able to apply our knowledge to ground level employee fills, all the way up to senior management. We also understand the cross functionality of employment within an organization and have the ability to fill all job types within the company. Our vertical can be applied across industries to organizations that need financing and accounting roles filled or to finance and accounting firms who need various roles filled.

Specializing in the vertical also allows us to be experts when speaking with potential candidates in ways outside of examining their skills. While speaking to their experience and their career goals is our first look at candidates, we also strive to understand their personality and how they interact with people. Like our clients, building relationships with our candidates is of the utmost importance so we make efforts to follow up with them and keep communication open even after they have been placed. We often find that exemplary candidates just need slight tweaks to their resume presentation or their interview skills and being specialized in their field, we are able to provide them the best advice possible.

Specializing gives a more quality focused service to both our candidates and clients.

Here are a few of our success stories:

Working with our client who does prototyping through production for critical applications in all types of metals and plastics has been one of our favorites. This was a client that had no HR middle person to engage with onboarding new personnel.  Building trust and rapport with this client was essential to get our candidate in their office, but also that allowed us be more engaged and having them trust us with more openings. Being able to collaborate with another vertical within Moore Staffing gave us even more expertise in sourcing their perfect candidate as a cross sector fill within the company. We have been able to continue our relationship with this client and always look forward to working with them.

Another great success was with our client who is one of the largest workwear and textile service companies in North America. It has been a great experience for us mutually.  Making sure we understand the hiring manager needs, has allowed us to fill jobs, but also for this client to trust us with sending us more job orders across their organization. That open communication was key to supporting this client.

One candidate for a Tax Manager placement was one of our favorite candidate stories yet. He had come to us with over 20 years of experience and having his own firm but with no resume.  We coached him, helped him build his Curriculum Vitae and placed him at a top local public accounting firm. Both our client and candidate were fulfilled with the placement.

Here at Moore Staffing, our Accounting and Finance Solutions Team understands that specializing and gaining knowledge in their vertical expands their ability to exceed both candidates’ and clients’ needs. It is truly about finding solutions and having the expertise in the industry provides tremendous results.

Moore Mini Golf Tournament to Benefit American Training, Inc.

Moore Mini Golf Tournament to Benefit American Training, Inc.

Moore Mini Golf Tournament to Benefit American Training, Inc.

Back on September 24th, 2019, Moore Staffing Services hosted a Mini Golf Tournament to benefit American Training at Cerderland Family Fun Center. Following in the beliefs of our founder Helen Moore, we partnered with a two companies that believe every life matters.  Cederdlands mission is to provide activities for families to get their children active and maintain a healthy life style, as a branch of Cederdale Health and Fitness Center. American Training has inspired us over the years, providing housing, education, training & support services to people with disabilities, youth at risk & adult learners who are looking for a pathway towards a more meaningful life.

With families and friends as teams, the tournament started with some competitive fun. Casual dining gave participants a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and members of the community. Raffles were held to raise money to support such a wonderful, local organization who directly affects members of our community. Many winners walked away with bundles of goodies, including New England Sports team tickets. Overall the day was fun and exciting, as all ages and abilities were able to join in the fun! It is times like these where we can reflect at the power of community, giving back and paying it forward. This tournament left a lasting impression on those who were able to attend and the money raised has affected many lives for the better.

Even in the current state of the world due to covid19, we remember these times and are excited for our future partnerships. As a fellow small business who is dedicated to changing lives for the better, we hope these events can resume sooner rather than later.

If you need assistance finding employment, email your resume to: team@moorestaffing.com

If you are a business looking for a partnership, please email: mike@moorestaffing.com

We are better together!

Ways to Support Small Businesses Safely

Ways to Support Small Businesses Safely

It is no secret businesses are experiencing trying times due to the current state of the world. Small businesses, in particular, will face particularly challenging obstacles. As a supporter of small business and one ourselves, Moore Staffing has put together a list of ways to support your favorite small businesses without leaving the house.

  1. Practice Social Distancing
    • STAY HOME, if you can. Many small businesses have a limited number of employees. Infecting one of their workers could spread it to the entire organization very quickly. They will then be out of production far longer than they would be if their employees remain healthy and safe.
  2. Shop online.
    • Some small businesses offer substantial opportunities to do business with them online. Using this platform is a safe way to keep a distance but also engage with your favorite small business
  3. Rate Them
    • Take 5 minutes to give your favorite small businesses a 5 start review online. Not only will this entertain you for 5 minutes, it will really help these businesses get the exposure they deserve. Spread positivity!
  4. Schedule Online Sessions or Communication
    • The service sector of small businesses will be hit with unexplored challenges the hardest. Give them a call! See what innovations you can create with them to extend their services virtually. This is especially great for particular therapies.
  5. Gift Cards
    • If you think you would have visited their store in these weeks when social distancing has been in place, buy a gift card for yourself. It’s a great “treat yourself, self-love” gift and you can definitely use it in the future.
  6. Order In
    • Ordering in is a great way to still get that deliciousness and support your local restaurants.
  7. Online Donations
    • This is geared more towards charities and nonprofits, many of which have had to cancel events this upcoming spring. They work tremendously to help those in need and would appreciate your support from home.
  8. Like and Share
    • Social media is a powerful thing. Help spread the word by liking and sharing businesses posts. You may help a friend and the business at the same time by sharing information.

Company of the Year Award

October 25, 2019 – Moore Staffing Services of Methuen was awarded “Company of the Year” by American Training, Inc.
At their annual Life Matters Awards Gala, the Andover, MA based non-profit, which provides housing, education, training & support services to people with disabilities, youth at risk & adult learners who are looking for a pathway towards a more meaningful life, recognized Mike Moore and his team for their 20 plus years as supporters of the organization.
Over the years Moore Staffing has provided job placement services to LARE Institute graduates including additional individualized training and workshops. As a proud partner of American Training, Moore Staffing has also supported their mission through fundraising events, donation of athletic event tickets, and providing equipment and furniture to enhance classroom space.
“It was a humbling experience to be awarded for our support of this great organization,” said Mike Moore, President and COO. “Our shared values of giving back and supporting the Community are why this partnership has grown over the years and will continue to do so. We look forward to many more years of being part of American Training’s mission and helping them to ensure that every life does, indeed, matter.”