Ways to Support Small Businesses Safely

It is no secret businesses are experiencing trying times due to the current state of the world. Small businesses, in particular, will face particularly challenging obstacles. As a supporter of small business and one ourselves, Moore Staffing has put together a list of ways to support your favorite small businesses without leaving the house.

Small Business Succeeds with a Strong Team

Smart small business owners know that surrounding themselves with a strong team of professionals makes a difference. The right banker, accountant, product vendor, contractor, all contribute to your business success. You’re not the expert in these fields, right? So you go to your bench of trusted, tested professionals. Who could be more trusted with hiring than a staffing agency? Make your support team of professionals stronger by adding a local staffing company.

Why Staffing Agencies are Critical to Start Up Success!

As noted in Business News Daily, one common misconception behind staffing agencies is that they are costly. With upfront costs being a concern, it is easy to over look the potential savings working with an agency can have with any company, especially startup companies. Overlooking these potential savings could be the difference between startups’ success or failure.

Starting Young

Developing children’s interest in the workforce has begun to start younger and younger – and for a good reason. As reported in The New Hampshire Union Leader, children develop interests and career dreams as early as kindergarten. Because of this, many opportunities are being created by companies to meet children where they are, in schools.

Company of the Year Award

Moore Staffing Services of Methuen was awarded “Company of the Year” by American Training, Inc. recently at their annual Life Matters Awards Gala.

Candidate Phone Screens

Using the phone screen interview you will significantly improve your chances of meeting only qualified, top talent, and save the time, resource allocation and costs...