Holiday Season 2020 – Are you prepared for the inevitable, unprecedented experiences of a pandemic holiday rush?

Holiday planning for businesses in the consumer goods world starts as early as the day the previous holiday season ends in January. But like many things, COVID has definitely altered those plans.

Consumer behavior has drastically shifted in many sectors. Stores, restaurants and public places like movie theaters have definitely faced hardships and had to adjust their operations, especially when it came to their workforce. But what does this mean for the holidays and where will we see the consumer spending dollars go?

Quick Turnaround

How Staffing Companies are Supporting the Healthcare Industry Need for a Quick Turnaround During Covid-19

The fight continues against COVID19- hospitals and the other healthcare industry organizations continue to adjust to the turmoil brought upon by this pandemic. New and increased responsibilities have more than doubled the employment needs of these organizations to provide care to their communities quickly. Therefore, they look to supplement their staff rapidly with temporary hands to improve their bandwidth and effectiveness. For New England healthcare organizations in particular, Moore Staffing has become a major support resource.

Staffing the Response

How Staffing Companies are Supporting the Healthcare Industry During Covid-19

As the fight continues against COVID19, hospitals and the other healthcare industry organizations continue to adjust to the turmoil brought upon by this pandemic. As patient care and administrative needs have increased some hospitals have been overwhelmed with the multitude of new responsibilities in place in order to remain safe and operational. Consequently, they look to supplement their staff quickly with temporary hands to improve their bandwidth and service to their communities. For hospitals in particular, staffing agencies have...

Bilingualism/ Multilingualism in the Workplace

Over the past decade, bilingualism and multilingualism in the workplace has become more and more of a desired skill. Still, only 20% of Americans can speak more than one language compared to 56% of Europeans. Why is being bilingual / multilingual so desirable?

Boosting Morale – Adjusting to a Socially Distant World

Leadership finds multiple ways to boost team morale. From deliberate cooperate wide events, to small lunch meetings, many of these team building activities require face to face communication. Recently, leadership has had to find new ways to boost morale within their team now that many of their employees are working from home and facing new challenges.

Beyond the Fit

Why hiring for what a candidate will add to your company’s culture is a smart thing to do.
Cultural fit has been the buzzword for years, but what exactly does it mean? From our perspective, company culture is a subjective term. Meaning that it has a wide interpretation for what a person should act like in the workforce of a particular organization. Cultural fit really answers the question, “does this person fit our corporate ‘personality’?”

Great Reads from Moore Staffing

With summer arriving, quarantines lightening but still in place for many parts of The States, entertainment is what we are all searching for. Some have taken this time to be one of searching for ways to better themselves and increase their skills, while others are searching for an escape from the stressors of reality. For this reason, and to give you a list of choices for your beach book (if your beaches are open), Moore Staffing has compiled a list of books we love. Some nonfiction and others fiction, all have contributed to developing our sense of self and the values we uphold here at Moore Staffing Services.

Everything You Need to Ace That Interview

There's no question about it. Job interviews can be stressful, but they are also a life changing opportunity. At Moore Staffing we are involved in a lot of them and understand what it takes to ace it. We know it's important to make sure you are putting your best foot forward, so here are some tips for every type of interview situation that should help you accomplish just that.

Moore Staffing Binge Worthy Netflix Picks for the Weekend

With the weekend finally arriving, we have compiled a list of shows worth streaming on Netflix that remind us a little of when we used to be able to come together. Here’s a few of our favorites that let us relax but also inspire us in our careers.

Staffing Agencies Are the New Job Fair and Here is Why

With Job Fairs and Career Fairs on hold for the foreseeable future, many recent graduates, career changers and job seekers are left without a tradition long set in place. We have been told, “It’s all about who you know.” And it’s true! But without the opportunity to get to know potential hiring managers, hand them your resume and shake their hand, how are you supposed to get to know anyone?