The Resurgence of Manufacturing Jobs

As the Covid-19 Pandemic winds down, manufacturing companies are facing numerous opportunities to expand their production and success. To put this in perspective let’s take a look at some of the numbers. In February of 2021, the measure of factory activity sat at a solid 60.8. In the next month, factory activity made a significant leap to 64.7, which has not been done since the early eighties. This resurgence of manufacturing jobs can be accredited to a demand for new orders and increased production rates.

The Resurgence of Manufacturing Jobs. Increased opportunities for candidates of all experience levels in manufacturing industry.

5 Out of the Box Resume Tips

Here are 5 out of the box resume tips that will help you land your dream job from the people who read resumes for a living!

Just in Time for Tax Season

There is no doubt 2020 has affected every industry's financial management, from taxes, loans, stimulus checks, etc. Moore Staffing has been supporting various industries source the accounting, bookkeeping and finance professionals they need, ranging from seasonal to long term positions, all while supporting our community and its economy.

Moore Staffing Year in Review

With the weekend finally arriving, we have compiled a list of shows worth streaming on Netflix that remind us a little of when we used to be able to come together. Here’s a few of our favorites that let us relax but also inspire us in our careers.

Tis the Season… For Hiring!

Looking to hire soon? To ensure 2021 starts off with success hiring shouldn’t be delayed anymore. Here are a few things to think about and why should hire now with a delayed start date in mind.

Self-Care for the Waiting Game

If you are like us at Moore Staffing, it was a stressful day yesterday, late night and continues to be a stressful time for, we aren’t sure how long. Outside of everything that was already stressful, we are still awaiting results of very polar presidential election. So how do we take care of ourselves in the meantime?

Last Minute Voting- What you need to know.

Elections change many aspects of the way the country is run, especially employment. With the outcome of the election, employment may change for companies and individuals – we want you to know we are always here to help. Whether you are looking for your next employee or employment opportunity, the Moore Staffing Family is dedicated to driving success for both our candidates and clients. You can reach us at

Holiday Season 2020 – Are you prepared for the inevitable, unprecedented experiences of a pandemic holiday rush?

Holiday planning for businesses in the consumer goods world starts as early as the day the previous holiday season ends in January. But like many things, COVID has definitely altered those plans.

Consumer behavior has drastically shifted in many sectors. Stores, restaurants and public places like movie theaters have definitely faced hardships and had to adjust their operations, especially when it came to their workforce. But what does this mean for the holidays and where will we see the consumer spending dollars go?

Quick Turnaround

How Staffing Companies are Supporting the Healthcare Industry Need for a Quick Turnaround During Covid-19

The fight continues against COVID19- hospitals and the other healthcare industry organizations continue to adjust to the turmoil brought upon by this pandemic. New and increased responsibilities have more than doubled the employment needs of these organizations to provide care to their communities quickly. Therefore, they look to supplement their staff rapidly with temporary hands to improve their bandwidth and effectiveness. For New England healthcare organizations in particular, Moore Staffing has become a major support resource.

Staffing the Response

How Staffing Companies are Supporting the Healthcare Industry During Covid-19

As the fight continues against COVID19, hospitals and the other healthcare industry organizations continue to adjust to the turmoil brought upon by this pandemic. As patient care and administrative needs have increased some hospitals have been overwhelmed with the multitude of new responsibilities in place in order to remain safe and operational. Consequently, they look to supplement their staff quickly with temporary hands to improve their bandwidth and service to their communities. For hospitals in particular, staffing agencies have...