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Hunting for your first job? Looking to make a career change? Heading to the web and typing “temp staffing near me” may just offer a great, unexpected way to kickstart your search. It might not seem obvious at the start, but temp work actually has multiple benefits.

Temporary positions can build your skills, expand your network, give you a flexible schedule, and even deliver a pathway from temp to full-time employment in some cases. That’s why searching “temp staffing near me” has the potential to seriously accelerate your career. 

Flexible Hiring/Scheduling

part time jobOne of the immediate benefits of temp jobs is that they typically need to be filled quickly. The application process will likely be fast and some hiring requirements flexible. Temp jobs can offer you an “in” to the career you’re pursuing. They’re also an excellent way to fill in gaps in your resume because employers like to see a consistent work history.

Once hired, temp jobs also offer flexibility in scheduling. You may only be needed part-time or for a particular part of the week. And you’ll have an idea of how long the assignment will last.  It all depends on the need the employer is aiming to fill. But having this flexibility in your schedule can allow you to be available for other life demands, such as caregiving, or to continue searching for long-term work while earning.   

Build New Skills 

While it can be intimidating to take on new career challenges, the rewards on the other side are numerous. If you’re looking to start or transition into a new field of employment, searching “temp staffing near me” is great way to gain experience. 

Temporary jobs can also help build new skills that make you increasingly attractive to potential employers. With skill gaps being a major hiring challenge, the more you can lessen that gap the more smoothly your career growth will go. 

Expand Your Network

professionals greeting each otherWhen you take on a temporary job, you’re automatically in a position to meet new people. If you do your job well, your co-workers, supervisors, and connections in the field can be fantastic resources for referrals and recommendations. Never underestimate how powerful a tool networking can be. 

Temporary employment expands your network, strengthening your ties between jobs. And those relationships can lead to strong, positive feedback, which will catch the eye of other future employers. On the way to your dream job, having a great network can make things much easier. 

The Path to Full-Time 

full time workIn some cases, temp jobs offer a pathway to full-time employment. Employers like to hire candidates they know. If you’ve proven yourself to be a talented, hard worker during your temporary employment, your chances of going full-time increase dramatically. 

See What’s Out There 

job interview processWhile saying “yes” to a new, full-time job is a high-stakes decision, taking on temporary work can feel less stressful. We’ve said that temporary work is a great way to test the waters of a job, and see if it’s a fit.

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