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In today’s competitive job market, finding reliable, motivated employees can be a challenge. But one often overlooked approach with a wealth of potential is hiring high school graduates. 

Hiring these young individuals not only brings fresh energy to your business but also cultivates a future talent pipeline. Their eagerness to learn, adaptability, and technological proficiency make them valuable assets. 

And by investing in high school students, you not only fulfill immediate staffing needs but also help shape tomorrow’s skilled workforce. Here are a few of the hidden benefits to hiring high school grads ready for work in the Merrimack Valley!

Fresh Perspective

job candidates holding signsFresh perspectives are often required in workplaces, especially if there’s a particularly stubborn problem that hasn’t found a solution yet. Bringing in new eyes can be advantageous in reworking outdated systems and streamlining for efficiency. 

Remember that gathering feedback and putting it to use to strengthen your organization and work culture makes all employees feel valued. Being part of a company with strong communication in place will offer high school grads a powerful first work experience.

The Latest Technology 

technology at workWhat high school graduate do you know that isn’t up-to-date on all the latest technology? We can’t think of one either! Today’s high school graduates are indispensable when it comes to harnessing the power of new technology. 

They tend to adapt easily to computer systems and may even find areas to simplify. Whether it’s a new accounting software or a recent update to your ERP, high school grads can get up to speed quickly, making onboarding a breeze.

High Motivation for Growth 

high fives at workJob seekers fresh out of high school tend to have higher levels of motivation. They have nowhere to look but up, which is an excellent direction because it means more experience, career growth, and financial success.

From an employer perspective, having a highly motivated employee brings energy and boosts morale. It electrifies other employees, inevitably leading to increased creativity and productivity. A highly motivated worker is one who can tackle a series of projects and complete them with efficiency. And you’ll find recent grads are usually highly receptive to training and guidance. 

Managing Grads is Easier

onboarding new hiresRecent graduates tend to stay focused on the day-to-day activities of work vs. office politics. They lack deeply ingrained habits or attitudes that can sometimes be challenging to change. By guiding their development, managers can effectively nurture these young talents into valuable assets for the organization.

New grads are typically open-minded and ready to absorb new information and skills. This ability to learn quickly is great for managers and the team as a whole. 

Excellent Availability 

Recent grads typically have great availability, as well. They tend to have fewer family obligations and can pick up more hours, which means more gets done. Your high school grads may be able to work weekend shifts, get overtime on Sunday, or take the nights that other employees aren’t available for. It also means your other employees are not unduly stressed by shifts that don’t align with their lifestyle. It’s a win-win!

Save on Salaries

Running a business requires financial precision. Any area where owners and managers can save is important. According to NerdWallet, between 40% to 80% of yearly business revenues goes towards paying employee salaries. But if an employee is just starting out and requires a lower salary, that can help balance costs. In fact, employers can save upwards of $20,000 a year by hiring high school graduates.

Because these grads are coming into a business at the ground level, their salary requirements are commensurate with their experience. And in the bigger picture, this works fine because people in this age bracket typically have lower living costs. They may still live at home or in a small/shared apartment. And their other financial responsibilities tend to be fewer. If great, untapped talent at a reasonable investment sounds attractive, this pool of candidates could be for you!

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