Remote Hiring – Everything You Need to Know to Be Successful from the point of view of the hiring team at Moore Staffing Services.

Staffing Digitally

So now that we are living in a mostly digital age, how do we adjust successfully? The answer to this question is especially important for job seekers. In the past job interviews were something you had to plan ahead for. You would probably pick a professional outfit the night before, and practice your answers to some typical to be expected questions. Once you’ve got it down you would gps the route to the location of the interview and you would be greeted by someone working the front desk. Eventually you would be taken to a room for the interview. So how has this process adjusted now that hiring occurs virtually?

How You Can Be a Successful Interviewer

In 2021, the interview standard has adapted to the new format that it takes via computer. Here we are in a new era, another year where remote hiring is the go to process for filling jobs. As a staffing company we would like to share some key aspects of a good online interview. 

First and foremost, the process of planning before hand, selecting professional apparel and preparing for potential questions still stands. But this time you need to consider that you can have notes in front of you, outside the view of the interviewer. Take advantage of this. 

When asked what makes for an impressive zoom interview Mike Moore, Chief Operating Officer & President of Moore Staffing explains that, “many of the impressionable attributes in an interview are the same as when in person. It is definitely important to highlight one’s communication skills with good verbal responses to questions. Be sure that you are set up in a professional manner with the camera completely still and framing your entire face.

Another key thing is being honest about your experiences and skills. No one has done everything and that is ok. The most impressive thing is to offer genuine and real answers. These things also are advisable for in person interviews.” Mike has conducted his fair share of interviews over the 40 plus years at Moore. It is safe to say that professionalism and genuine answers remain key to successful job interviews, even on a virtual platform like zoom.

With all of these elements and a little bit of practice so that you can be well adjusted to talking about yourself facing a computer screen and camera, you will be good to go and well on your way to landing that dream job. 

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