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The Resurgence

As the Covid-19 Pandemic winds down, manufacturing companies are facing numerous opportunities to expand their production and success. To put this in perspective let’s take a look at some of the numbers. In February of 2021, the measure of factory activity sat at a solid 60.8. In the next month, factory activity made a significant leap to 64.7, which has not been done since the early eighties. This resurgence of manufacturing jobs can be accredited to a demand for new orders and increased production rates.

These expanded numbers are indisputably related to the change in how we are spending our money. Online ordering skyrocketed in the past year because of the pandemic. This generated a huge demand in factory goods necessary for at home activities and needs. In the aftermath of pandemic related layoffs, many manufacturers have been seeking to rehire past employees and even search for new ones. The increased need for factory production has allowed for these job opportunities to return and steadily increase.

Industry Expansion

The manufacturing industry is making the climb back to normalcy at an impressive and hopeful rate. What does this mean for manufacturing professionals? The manufacturing industry has a wide range of professions and levels to account for, let alone the subgroup fields. At Moore Staffing, manufacturing opportunities range from, picker packer jobs, all the way to manager positions.

We work with various fields of manufacturers including, medical, fabrication, plastics, electronics, metals, and more! All of these jobs have varying levels of education and experience required. More and more jobs are requiring no experience or direct education at all because the resurgence of manufacturing jobs has been so rapid.

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