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Here are a quick 5 tips for resume perfection!

  1. Have your resume on your computer and your phone!
    • Don’t get stuck not being able to submit your information when presented the opportunity. Someone will beat you to it.
    • Store it on:
      • icloud
      • Google drive
      • Dropbox
  2. Make sure you have a PDF and Word Doc!

    • Lots of times, Hiring Managers systems cant read PDFs the correct way. Having them both on hand could make all the difference.
  3. Do your Linkedin and Resume match?

    • Connecting with hiring managers at the companies you want to work for is a great strategy -especially after the first interview.
    • Make sure your resume matches your Linkedin Experience. Otherwise questioning your skills becomes easier…
  4. Be sure to include keywords for the position you are applying to in your resume.

    • This will help if your resume is being fed into an automated applicant tracking system.
    • It will also help if human eyes are reading it first. Hiring managers want to know that you have the basic qualifications at a quick glance.
  5. Ask a Professional

    • Resume writing requires specific action language. It is best to start with a verb and provide data to prove your work is effective
    • Working with a staffing agency will get you that feedback on how your resume competes against others looking for similar work.
    • Staffing Agencies can also help you adjust the wording to better align with what you are searching for while getting it on Hiring Managers desks.

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