Looking to hire soon? To ensure 2021 starts off with success hiring shouldn’t be delayed anymore. Here are a few things to think about and why should hire now with a delayed start date in mind.

  1. The Holidays
    • Holidays are varied and not everyone celebrates in the same way. That candidate that may be your top choice is looking to take those vacation days and maximize the time they have to celebrate this year. And to be honest, you probably have days off to take too. Waiting until the holidays or just after creates more of a struggle.
  2. Hiring Time
    • Hiring a new employee takes time. Delaying hiring until when you come back means a delayed start in your team’s full force potential.
  3. Delayed starts
    • Most people around this time expect a delayed start because employees that would train and onboard them are taking days off. Even hiring someone at the beginning of the year could mean they aim to start February 1st. And that’s a month of missed productivity.
  4. Maximize Productivity and success
    • Setting up a team for success means having a full team. Planning for the following year can become a struggle when there is a spot left unfilled.
  5. Starting the year on the right foot
    • With an employee hired now and fully trained, your team can get straight to work making your envisioned success a reality. This would otherwise be a scramble with gaps in the team being held together with overworked employees who are still sluggish from their time off.
  6. Ending the year efficiently
    • With a few weeks left in the year, there is still time to end the year efficiently with some extra members on the team.

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