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Supply Chain, Engineering & Manufacturing Staffing Solutions- An Explanation of Our Vertical and the Importance of Specialization

Moore provides organizations top talent to design, plan, manufacture and ship products worldwide with our Lean Six Sigma certified Supply Chain, Engineering & Manufacturing Staffing Solutions Team (SEMSST).

So what does it mean for a Staffing Solutions Team to have expertise in the Supply Chain, Engineering & Manufacturing industry and why does it matter?

The simple answer is that it means to have knowledge in the industry to further understand and exceed your clients expectations.

More specifically, for our SEMSST, it means that we understand the trade specific skills and how to probe potential candidates for their proficiency in them. And with over 40 years of experience, we can say we’ve done just that.

By maintaining relationships with our clients, we become an extension of their organization and educate ourselves according to both their companies innovations, as well as, the entire industry’s. Using this knowledge and understanding of the client’s culture, we are able to source and back valuable candidates for our client to choose from. Being able to identify candidates with the “right” skill sets as they apply to the client’s needs are crucial in placing candidates into positions that play to their strengths. Specializing in the vertical allows us to have a better understanding of the engineering world as a whole and therefore, we are able to “talk the same talk” with both candidates and clients. 

Our staffing managers make a point of following the market trends. By staying in tune with the projection of their industry, they are able to better assess what skills candidates will need to progress and further their future employer’s business. By attending webinars, classes (more recently online) and professional development sessions, we are constantly building our knowledge on the skills it takes to complete and exceed a job.

For example, additive manufacturing has been developed within the more recent years and has begun to expand as an industry. With this being the trend, we have made efforts to stay on top of these skills even if they aren’t required by the client due to the fact that they may be in the near future. Understanding the industry trends and expectations for roles gives our managers a base for their search, but understanding the client culture and requirements for an individual client is done through relationship building and experience.

This service isn’t limited to a particular level of employee or sector. Being a small business ourselves, we understand what it has meant to build from the ground up. Because of this we are able to apply our knowledge to ground level employee fills, all the way up to senior management. We also understand the cross functionality of employment within an organization and have the ability to fill all job types within the company.

Here are a few of our success stories:

Start-up Additives Manufacturing Client:

Startups are usually in a division within an industry all to themselves. Still, as always, understanding this additive manufacturing client’s needs was imperative to finding their perfect fit. Having the foresight to see the Manufacturing Industry’s innovations move toward additive manufacturing, our solutions team had already taken the initiative to understand how this breakthrough technology changed the requirements for engineers and manufacturers being hired. Because of this, we have been able to develop a relationship with one of the top startup additive manufacturers in the area and have successfully placed candidates all the way up to leadership roles. We continue to be an extension of this startup and have been able to watch it succeed in the industry. 

Using this knowledge we were able to place senior staff members, pushing the success of our client to their full potential. Read why staffing agencies are imperative to start up success here.

Essential Workers:

During a time of need, manufacturers of various products became medical device focused overnight. Due to the increase need in production, several previous and new clients looked to Moore Staffing for assistance in finding potential manufacturers to increase their workforce.

Having maintained relationships with these clients we were able to quickly ramp up their team to support the ongoing pandemic response. Knowing each client specifically, we were able to better match candidates to their workplace environment. It has been some of our favorite success stories because we were able to quickly provide both clients and candidates the support they needed while also supporting our community. 

Flexible Placements:

We always enjoy working with clients who are understanding of candidates that might not always fit the criteria of a particular position but possess the drive and diligence in learning to become the role they need them to be. These clients are flexible enough to give candidates an opportunity and chance to prove themselves. Over the years one of our design and engineering clients in particular,  has shown to be one of those clients. We have a relationship with this company that allows for both sides to work with each other and trust in each others judgement. Our communication is truly a conversation and our client and candidates have benefited greatly.  


One of our favorite candidate placements had moved into this area from Colorado the first week of January 2020. He had no job at the time and was living with friends until he could secure a job. We reached out to him about an assembly position and submitted him as a candidate seeing that his resume exemplified hard work and dedication. He interviewed the next day and was offered the position. Within 5 days of moving here from Colorado, he had a secured position and a new career. 

Here at Moore Staffing, our Supply Chain, Engineering & Manufacturing Staffing Solutions Team understands that specializing and gaining knowledge in their vertical expands their ability to exceed both candidates’ and clients’ needs. It is truly about finding solutions and having the expertise in the industry provides tremendous results.

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