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Staffing the Response

How Staffing Companies are Supporting the Healthcare Industry During Covid-19

As the fight continues against COVID19, hospitals and the other healthcare industry organizations continue to adjust to the turmoil brought upon by this pandemic. As patient care and administrative needs have increased some hospitals have been overwhelmed with the multitude of new responsibilities in place in order to remain safe and operational. Consequently, they look to supplement their staff quickly with temporary hands to improve their bandwidth and service to their communities. For hospitals in particular, staffing agencies have become a major support resource.

Recently the Healthcare Staffing team at Moore has been hard at work helping local healthcare organizations and municipalities hire the right staff for their Covid-19 response efforts. When the City of Lawrence established two facilities to house a Covid-19 positive homeless population, they turned to Moore Staffing to hire multiple nursing and related caregivers. When Lawrence General Hospital was selected to open a state funded regional testing center, they turned to Moore Staffing to provide a high volume of clinical and non-clinical support staff including: RNs/LPNs, testing assistants, PPE Champions and Patient Registrars. 

Lawrence General Hospital, a great community partner, has been incredible at providing the public with services to combat COVID19. They are able to test those who present symptoms, as well as, those who want to get tested or believe they are asymptomatic. You can read more about their efforts and services here.

By partnering with area hospitals to provide viable and exemplary candidates at a rapid response rate, our company is able to take on the candidate sourcing responsibilities for the hospital and allow their internal recruiting teams to focus on their regular openings. Our team uses their expertise to promote the available positions, filter through applicants, work to verify credentials and liaison between potential candidates and hiring managers.

During challenging times like these it’s important to have someone you can rely on. Moore Staffing is proud to be that partner for our community of Healthcare clients and employees. If you need to fill a healthcare support position, or are a talented healthcare professional looking for opportunities, email: teams@moorestaffing.com