Self-Care for the Waiting Game

If you are like us at Moore Staffing, it was a stressful day yesterday, late night and continues to be a stressful time for, we aren’t sure how long. Outside of everything that was already stressful, we are still awaiting results of very polar presidential election. So how do we take care of ourselves in the meantime?

Remind yourself it’s okay to feel

Sometimes ignoring works, other times are feelings are too big to comprehend. But where ever you are at in your process, remind yourself to be kind to yourself. Your feelings are likely to change, get worse and get better throughout this process. I’m sure everyone’s telling you, but positivity can be toxic too, and it’s okay to feel what you feel and your feelings are valid.


As a team, we realize that politics is not something to discuss at work. If it is brought up, try to deflect and not engage. Even if you agree with them, others may be listening or overhear your conversation.

This also holds true for news/media outlets and social media. They are going to be pools for unanswered questions, fearful thinking, misinformation and disinformation. Avoid them.

But how do you check up on the current state? Well I would avoid that as much as you can but an easy way to check without the commotion of external commentary is a simple google search: united states election results. It will bring up a map and the current states we are waiting to hear from/ where they are at. You can look at and interpret the data yourself without any influence.

Life Line

Still, you need to find a life line where you can express your thoughts. We recommend outside of your work circle, with a friend or family, even online. It’s important to find someone who shares your views but is also productive. Confiding in someone who is going to perpetuate the negative spiral can be extremely detrimental to your own mental health.

Write a list or make notes

Your brain will likely want to murder you for these next few days. You are going to be all over the place, have to function like normal at work and turn around and scream at the computer screen or tv when different results pull in or some politician says something stupid about something. You will forget something. It’s inevitable. Write a list so at least you won’t forget about it for too long where it becomes a problem. Your brain will thank you later.

Get a list going of your favorite things

Not only is it fun to think of the little things that simply change your mood, it will be a great go to for any time you feel anxious or out of control. Movies, music, drinks, food, desserts, people, celebrities, hobbies, books…. Just keep going. The time it will take to think of them all will be less time you’re thinking of other things. Plus the second youre bored with something, youll be able to jump to the next thing on your list.

Make a playlist

Remember those favorites you were writing down, take the music a step further and make a playlist. Maybe a few. Dance it out, veg it out, and meditate it out. Even if it’s for 5 minutes. That’s 5 minutes you spent not worrying about it.

Work it Out

Whether it be a walk, a run, a Zumba YouTube video or lifting weights in that basement home gym you’ve attempted to create, get some movement in your life. This is great for those endorphins and chances are we should have been doing this one already.


Marathon it. Pick a TV show and binge. NO shame. Movies and TV shows are a great way to enter another world and stay there for a while. Plus their problems take over our thoughts and we can forget about our own. Do we have recommendations… uh yes! Check them out here!


Speaking of other worlds, books can carry us to them too. Have you ever seen The Never Ending Story? It’s practically the basis and for a reason. Pull the book off the shelf you never read because life got in the way and dive in. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised and you may burn and hour or two if it’s really good.


Everyone loves food- not everyone is great at cooking- but everyone loves food. Pull out a recipe, have your favorite takeout on back up and get to cooking. Maybe even pick dessert for dinner today. But cooking will not only make you spend time focusing on something, but also give you a great results at the end. Feel proud when you’re done, not matter how good it tastes.


Remember the last time you did an art project? Maybe it was high school, maybe it was yesterday, but everyone has a pencil/pen and paper. Try to be creative. Art is one of those things that is meant to be expressive. Utilize it here and try to have fun.

The Little Things

Don’t forget them. And I’m not talking about the little things you should be grateful for, because quite frankly they don’t measure up in our brain right now. I’m talking about getting that cozy blanket, that perfect cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and forcing your dog or cat to snuggle with you. Your environment is a big thing that seems little at the moment. Add a candle that smells like home. Or decide you’re going to take a nice bubble bath for the first time in years. Its little but they add up.

Do some research

For some of us, becoming more knowledgeable about the distress at hand will actually make us feel more in control. For example, looking up your rights as an employee, or researching how the electoral college works or how to become more involved in your community relief efforts. If you’re not one of these people, don’t start now. Not the greatest time to test it out.

Sometimes that even entails trying to make progress on the parts of life we can make progress in. Maybe that means seeing what’s out there for your next job opportunity. Moore staffing is always here to help with that and will assist you in finding your next step or getting you your next employee. Email

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