Moore Staffing Binge Worthy Netflix Picks for the Weekend

With the weekend finally arriving, we have compiled a list of shows worth streaming on Netflix that remind us a little of when we used to be able to come together. Here’s a few of our favorites that let us relax but also inspire us in our careers.


The Office:

There’s no doubt in my mind, I’ve been missing our office comedy and banter between coworkers. Not that we could ever come close to the amazingness that is The Office, but I love how quickly this show can get my mind off of stress and laughing again. Somehow, through all the crazy happenings on this show, the characters are relatable and reminds me of my coworkers.



Parks and Rec:

Parks and rec is another that gets my mind off of things and transfixed in the hilariousness that is Amy Pulmer. Livening up is something we have all been looking for lately and nature has been my best friend.







If you are looking for a show to boost your confidence in negotiations and family bond, this is it. Not only does it make me proud of being #Italian, I see how much a growth mindset does really change the outcome. Talk about believing in your cause, this family seems to evade trouble and succeed for Florence at every turn. Plus, the artwork!




The Last Kingdom

Loyalty, Leadership and the perfect group to collaborate with, The Last Kingdom has been one of my favorite shows to follow. Again, utilizing that growth mindset, and building a loyal team who collaborate well, Uthred seems to defy the odds as he helps to form what will soon be known as England.




Talk about entrepreneurship, Self-Made is that perfect motivational series that has me inspired to get to work. Not only is this about a female millionaire, but she also happens to be African American. #representation








Never stop learning. And that’s exactly what this show does for you in an entertaining way. So much knowledge crammed into a tv show with reputable sources. I have been able to learn about skills that can transfer to my career and personal life, as well as, parts of the world and processes I never knew existed.




Stranger Things

Sometimes the young people in the office have a great new way of thinking or abilities too. And Stranger Things shows us just that. Classic oblivious adults pop up in this series but what it shows us most of all is not to underestimate your team members based on appearance. This includes the older ones too! You never know which one of them could be ten, eleven’s predecessor (you’ll understand when you watch). It also really resonates with honesty and teamwork. Superpowers are a nice to have, but without the group, this story would be very different. Definitely worth the watch if not only for the 80’s throwbacks and awesome style.



Looking for the go get it type of girl, who is intelligent and happens to have a spit fire attitude even though she’s been shoved back 200 years and has to figure out how to survive? Outlander is the perfect motivation to go for what you want and achieving what you put your mind to. Her devotion to herself and her partner is admirable, especially when problems arise. Talk about thinking outside the box! This girl is solving problems left and right and isn’t afraid to be herself while she does it. Did I mention there’s romance too?





  • Office humor
  • Confidence
  • Growth mindset
  • Loyalty
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Development/ Continuous learning
  • Hidden Talents
  • Intelligence
  • Creative Thinking

….And we got this all from watching TV!?

Here at Moore Staffing, we are dedicated to our craft and love to see when outside work events and activities inspire our company. Not only are all these shows amazing, entertaining and definitely worth binge watching but, they have also inspired our work thinking in so many ways (see list above). We hope you like our favorite Netflix shows and at least one of these made it to your watch next list.

Which ones are you already obsessed with like us? Did we miss any you’d like to add? Comment below! We need some ideas too!

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