Last Minute Voting- What you need to know.

Voters Registration:

If you live in New Hampshire, you’re in luck! New Hampshire allows for same day voters registration, and while New Hampshirites think the rest of the country should follow suit, unfortunately that is not the case.

If you live in Massachusetts or many other states, voters registration ended about a week ago. You can still make a difference though. Make sure you are registered for the future here and start having those difficult conversations with the people around you! You still have time to influence their thinking.

Absentee Ballots:

Due to the pandemic, many of you have chosen to vote via absentee ballot. The biggest thing with voting this way is DATES MATTER! Hard stop. There is no way around this. The first date you need to be aware of is TOMORROW. If you do not have your ballot post marked with tomorrow’s date, 11/03/2020, your vote will not be counted.

You also have the opportunity to drop off your ballot to a designated place of voting by TOMORROW, 11/03/2020. If it is not received by tomorrows date, it will NOT be counted.

Massachusetts also has a received by date, 11/06/2020 to be counted for the election. Generally speaking, I would aim for this date no matter where you live. If it is not received by this date, it will NOT be counted.

In Person Voting:

Find your voting place first! We will link resources below on how you can search for your voting place and their specific requirements. Because of the pandemic, polling locations may have changed from previous years. Even if they have remained the same, parking situations may be different if you are planning to drive. Plan ahead!

In person voting is likely to take longer due to the constraints of the covid19 virus and health precautions being taken. Regardless of political views, we recommend showing up with a mask on. This will make the process go faster for you, as well as, the people waiting behind you.

Bring your government issued ID. It is necessary to verify you. Chances are you live in a state where this idea must include a picture of you. Here is a quick list of IDs that are valid:

  • driver’s licenses
  • state-issued ID cards
  • military ID cards
  • passports

Some states will accept other forms of ID. Make sure to verify before trying to vote, so you can adjust your plan if that form of ID is denied. Some states have extra measures for those who are voting without one of the accepted forms of identification to ensure that every vote counts.

You can also bring notes, a voters’ guide and a sample ballot into the voting booth with you! Sometimes it’s hard to memorize every decision we have to make. Having these notes or a sample ballot that you have written on will help us make a more informed decision on voting day and make it faster. We recommend hand written notes rather than using your phone since some polling places restrict cell phone use.

Final Thoughts:

Hearing people tell you to vote 24/7 is annoying- we know every celebrity out there has made some kind of post or video telling you to do it. But it’s important you do. What’s even more important is that you do the research for what your vote will mean beforehand.

Elections change many aspects of the way the country is run, especially employment. With the outcome of the election, employment may change for companies and individuals – we want you to know we are always here to help. Whether you are looking for your next employee or employment opportunity, the Moore Staffing Family is dedicated to driving success for both our candidates and clients. You can reach us at


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