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Just in Time for Tax Season

There is no doubt 2020 has effected every industry’s financial management, from taxes, loans, stimulus checks, etc. Moore Staffing has been supporting various industries source the accounting, bookkeeping and finance professionals they need, ranging from seasonal to long term positions, all while supporting our community and its economy.

Recently Moore Staffing Accounting, Bookkeeping and Finance Staffing Solutions Team was hard a work finding our start up CPA firm client a part time Bookkeeper to join their team. Having just started on their own a little over a year ago, our CPA client was ready for the growth that adding an additional member of the team would bring. With this collaboration with Moore, our CPA client was able to focus on preparing for this upcoming season and acquiring new clients while relinquishing the burden of hiring to us.

Utilizing our bookkeeping, small business and start up expertise, we knew this candidate would have to be spectacular at their bookkeeping responsibilities but also have the insight to understand the flexibility that comes in a startup role. Our staffing manager was quickly able to vet a few noteworthy candidates for our client to select from and within a few days they had selected the member that is currently a vital part of their team today.

Not only was this placement a great fit for our client but our team was able to find the perfect opportunity for our candidate, matching company culture, values and future goals. With 2021’s tax season approaching during a time where there are many adjustments being made, like how to account for stimulus checks or the changes to Form 1040, this placement could not have come at a better time for this small business.

As always, Moore aims to support its community of small businesses and candidates with the utmost integrity and expertise. Like for this small business, we specialize our teams to provide expertise in each industry furthering productivity and success for our clients. With many options for hiring we can also remain flexible to suit our client’s individual needs and expectations. Just like our partnership with this startup CPA firm, we can provide you with the support your organization needs to increase capacity, productivity and success in 2021.

If you need to fill an accounting, bookkeeping or finance position, or want to learn more about our staffing opportunities, email: teams@moorestaffing.com

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