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Inspirations and Innovations: Small Businesses

In the current light of the world, we have seen some incredible responses to adjust daily normalities and turn problems into solutions. In this overwhelming time, small businesses have innovated to make their tomorrow a little better than today. 

Small businesses across the country have made adjustments much larger than they have ever thought possible. Companies have made efforts to work from home, transitioning to fulfilling all their business needs virtually. While a this may seem like a simple solution, the amount of support needed to successfully transfer a business online is not an easy task. Still many businesses have persevered, ramping up their IT knowledge and provided training for their workers to be successful at their new home office.

Using applications like Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Team to hold meetings and ensuring they are still available to be contacted, small businesses have completely reworked their business model to provide their products and services to the public. Many small businesses have used their communication channels to assist their community during this immense time of need. Some have added donation buttons to their website and posts on social media to benefit those within the healthcare crisis. 

Many businesses have made an effort to provide their employees and consumers information regarding the virus in a safe and verified way. Adding banners to their websites and providing links to valuable information, small businesses have taken responsibility to communicate efficiently and honestly. 

Many local restaurants, who cannot work remotely,  have turned to curb side pick up and take out delivery to reach customers. Some have even added a roll of toilet paper to every order as a thank you for doing business. One of the more noteworthy initiatives from a local restaurant in Exeter New Hampshire, is that of Laney and Lu. Through this difficult time, the small restaurant has begun sending meals to the hospitals to support the medical staff on the front lines of this virus. They are not the only one. Many small businesses have adjusted their focus to aid those within the healthcare system with meals and equipment. 

Another inspiring story from a small business, is that of a small music education/therapy agency that works with students of all abilities. Holding their lessons via Zoom, this agency is still able to provide their music therapy to their students. While it may take time for both the student and the teacher to adjust, they say that it is important to remember that the mental health of their students has always been one of their main goals. While the lesson may look a little different, providing them a support or distraction to their current anxieties has been incredibly rewarding. Their employees have been intentionally flexible working with families to provide them with the best times to have a lesson. 

As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggle that will ensue for these organizations. From all of these innovations being made and inspirational stories we have heard about our fellow small businesses, our big takeaway has been that we are better together. Not in the sense that we should all be in the office, but rather that we have been able to adjust and rely on our community. We are able to operate under stress and lean on each other for valuable advice and support. 

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