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Inspirations and Innovations: Schools

In attempting to take the glass half full approach to the current light of the world, we have seen some incredible responses to adjust daily normalities and turn problems into solutions. In this overwhelming time, school systems have innovated to make their tomorrow a little better than today.

School responses have been one of the most incredible adjustments to witness. Overnight, school systems completely changed their model of teaching, placing their trust in their teachers, students, and student support systems.

Many teachers have used platforms like Zoom to hold classes. Zoom is a video chatting platform that allows teachers to video chat with their full class simultaneously unlike facetime, or skype. This program can also be used on as an app on any smart phone type, as well as, computer via the internet. Teachers have also increased their use of Google Classroom to support their assignments and keep discussion open. Many teachers have changed their lessons to involve more accessible independent work or to involve activities students can do with parents, guardians or older siblings.

Many teachers of younger grades or students with special needs have created take home educational equipment so that students can still access their learning through the new mediums. Parents are also being asked to uphold checking in with their student to ensure that they are continuing their education up to the standards being presented by the teacher. Many teachers and support staff have reported checking in with their student and their family individually in order to maintain effective communication and offer support where they can.

Being that schools may be where students receive their only meals and snacks during the day, some school districts and organizations have partnered to make sure their student body is adequately fed. This was offered to the entire student body in some cases, not just those who had been on the district radar for needing assistance, ensuring that no student has gone unfed.

It may take a lot of cooperation between community members, but so far this model has been successful in ensuring the future workforce is receiving their education while upholding societal expectations to keep the public safe.

Here at Moore Staffing, we have taken away how strong we are as a community working together. Partnerships between local community members has ensured that society remains safe and supported. We commend all of the teachers and students who have adjusted so quickly and we are grateful to be a part of such an innovative and uplifting community.

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