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Holiday Season 2020 – Are you prepared for the inevitable, unprecedented experiences of a pandemic holiday rush?

Holiday planning for businesses in the consumer goods world starts as early as the day the previous holiday season ends in January. But like many things, COVID has definitely altered those plans.

Consumer behavior has drastically shifted in many sectors. Stores, restaurants and public places like movie theaters have definitely faced hardships and had to adjust their operations, especially when it came to their workforce. But what does this mean for the holidays and where will we see the consumer spending dollars go?

So far, its been incredibly noticeable that online consumerism has increased two-fold. Looking at online retailers and internet driven company’s stocks alone can show us the spending power has shifted to them. (Cough, cough, Amazon…)

Still, as communities have reopened their public spaces, does this mean that consumers will return to in store shopping?

Our prediction is, no.

The convenience of online shopping alone will prompt many shoppers to buy and send their gifts straight to their family’s door. Couple that with increased risk while travelling – online shopping just seems like a no brainer to many consumers.

To support this prediction, Moore Staffing has experienced a shift in the job marketing gearing towards remote and online jobs or an increase in staffing online suppliers. 

So, what does that mean for planning?

Since chances are we are likely to see — our favorite word — unprecedented online holiday numbers rush in, we recommend increasing your staff now! You’ve already thought of this? Well we don’t mean in the specific sense of just adding a few people to ramp up your production speed, but really adding volume to avoid unhappy customers.

This includes: Customer Service Reps, Warehouse Associates, Data Entry and more.

The last thing anyone needs heading into 2021 is a PR scandal with unhappy customers receiving gifts late for their favorite holiday that was 3 weeks ago.

Unprecedented? (Dare we say it again) You can make sure that we are using that word to report and incredible success story of completing beyond your corporate holiday goals.

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