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Boosting Morale – Adjusting to a Socially Distant World

Leadership finds multiple ways to boost team morale. From deliberate cooperate wide events, to small lunch meetings, many of these team building activities require face to face communication. Recently, leadership has had to find new ways to boost morale within their team now that many of their employees are working from home and facing new challenges.

It is easy to fall into “out of sight out of mind” thinking and become frustrated with the limited interactions you have with your coworkers, especially with the recent socially distant world . Focusing on building up team morale is imperative for this reason. Having a high team morale has been proven to increase levels of job satisfaction and teamwork. This directly affects company retention of employees and therefore the productivity of the team and company as a whole. Happiness is also directly correlated to creativity and attention to detail, both which increase the effectiveness of the individual and the company.

One way Moore Staffing has found to bring teammates together has been to make National / World Days celebratory for the whole staff. How, you ask? By asking team members to provide pictures and information about themselves that is fun but otherwise may not have been shared. For example, its National Bring Your Dog to Work Day! So we asked employees to share pictures of their furry friends since home is now work and there will be no office trips. We find that in these email chains of light hearted fun, the team is able to come together and learn something new about each other.

Here is a quick list of ideas to consider to boost morale:

  1. Use National and World Days to learn something new and share collectively as a team
  2. Have virtual coffee and lunch sessions
  3. Celebrate small victories and give credit where credit is due by making success announcements via whole team emails
  4. Create content about your work environment everyone can contribute to: like favorite books, home office spaces or best tv shows to binge watch

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Above all, Moore Staffing hopes you can have fun increasing the comfortability and work relationships of your employees. If you are looking for assistance filling a role on your team or looking to join a team, email team@moorestaffing.com

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