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Bilingualism/ Multilingualism in the Workplace

Over the past decade, bilingualism and multilingualism in the workplace has become more and more of a desired skill. Still, only 20% of Americans can speak more than one language compared to 56% of Europeans.

Why is being bilingual / multilingual so desirable?

  1. Globalization – companies often work with many markets around the world
  2. Diverse population – being able to effectively communicate with all potential consumers widens the market for a company
  3. Education – social and cultural differences are more understood when you understand a language and the way information is communicated. This makes you more efficient and knowledgeable on what a particular culture would expect from a company
  4. Improved Problem Solving – Studies have found that bilingualism leads to improved brain functions like the ability to focus and preform mental tasks like problem solving. For companies, this means you are more efficient and quick to solve challenges they may face

What are the benefits for you?

  1. Job Market Competitiveness – bilingual employees open up large market opportunities for companies and potential partnerships with foreign entities
  2. Career opportunities – using language for your career is an easy way to make money as a teacher, interpreter or translator
  3. Salary- Salery.com and many other studies have found that jobs with pay differentials based on bilingualism usually pay 5-20% more per hour for bilingual employees.
  4. Variety – having a second means of communication will allow for a wider variety of friends, art, literature, films and travel

As you can see, bilingualism and multilingualism is a highly desired skill set for companies to achieve that will also grant you many benefits. Here at Moore Staffing, we make connections with clients seeking out these skills in order to provide more opportunity to a diverse potential workforce. If you are bilingual, make sure we have your resume on file. We have opportunities with clients looking for your skills specifically and will advocate for you. Submit your resume to Teams@Moorestaffing.com

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