Beyond the Fit

Why hiring for what a candidate will add to your company’s culture is a smart thing to do.

Cultural fit has been the buzzword for years, but what exactly does it mean? From our perspective, company culture is a subjective term. Meaning that it has a wide interpretation for what a person should act like in the workforce of a particular organization. Cultural fit really answers the question, “does this person fit our corporate ‘personality’?”

Where does the problem come in? When hiring for cultural fit, the narrowness of one person’s perception of their own company culture may vary from member to member. This is also limiting the search to only like-minded people. Yes, like-minded people may appear to work more cohesively, but the downfall is the lack of innovation and creativity that comes along with not hiring a variety of minds and perspectives.

Is there an alternative? Yes! Hire for a cultural add. Hmm…what exactly does this mean, you ask?

Hiring for a cultural ad means focusing on the core values of a company and how these values define the expectations from the company of their employees. By sourcing for candidates whose values align with the values of the company, we establish an immediate match, and then allow their unique talents and skills to prove that they are the ideal fit for consideration.

It takes a team of experienced staffing professionals to discover through expert screening if a candidate believes in and aligns with the core values of an organization, and will lift that organization up based upon these values. Rather than looking to match their personality to the same as the company’s, the goal is to match a candidate that will add to the culture not fit snugly into a well-established mold.

Culture add opens the possibility of diversifying the workplace and allows us to draw upon different experiences and knowledge bases making a business more successful and accessible to a wider variety of people. Hiring for cultural add, gives something extra to the company rather than supplying it with what it already has.

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