Employee Payrolling

An effective labor risk and cost management tool for managing company-sourced contract and temporary labor.

  • Payrolling is utilized when companies hire former employees, consultants, interns or other company-sourced employees for short or long-term temporary staffing needs. Payrolling is not for temporary staff hired as a result of Moore Staffing’s sourcing efforts.
  • Moore processes and maintains employee paperwork including the W4 and I-9 and distributes paychecks and pays all required taxes.
  • Moore is the employer of record and assumes much of the employment risk and management of risk.
  • The markup Moore charges for payrolled staff is significantly less than our standard rate.
  • Moore assumes administrative responsibilities and rate exposure for state unemployment insurance.
  • Moore assumes all workers compensation insurance costs, injury management and rate exposure.
  • Customers are only billed for the actual hours that payrolled employees work and are not required to pay for vacation pay, holidays or sick pay. Companies are encouraged to offer holiday and sick pay for long-term payrolled employees.
  • Moore can further reduce employment related risks for our high volume clients with written agreements that hold our clients harmless and by naming them as additional insured on our workers compensation insurance policy.
  • Companies can put newly hired candidates for permanent openings into Moore’s payrolling program on a 30/60/90 day trial basis. This trial period can be integrated into a company’s standard hiring procedure and used for all new hires.

Download the Employee Payrolling Program flyer

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