Direct Hire

Building your business is all about finding great people and you need the best.

Moore Staffing Services understands the importance of hiring the right people. We believe that placing top talent should be a central core competency for your company. You want your people to be great from day one, who then build and deliver great performance! We can help you make it happen.

Top people are looking for growth, challenge, and learning opportunities, not just another job.

Many of these hard-to-find/high-in-demand candidates are currently employed, and would never consider temp to hire. They are considered invaluable to the employer, and will only consider making a move in an attractive direct hire situation.

Our unique recruitment process taps into a variety of hiring pools to find candidates whose skills are high in demand, especially the working candidate. We utilize a number of traditional search techniques as well as social networking, internet aggregating, and other cutting edge methods to unveil the right prospects.

Program Benefits

  • Reduce your hiring workload and save time to focus on your core business concerns.
  • We will provide quality candidates for you and handle all responsibilities during the qualifying process, including:
  • phone screenings
  • skills assessment/testing
  • background/reference checks

Moore provides contingent searches for positions from entry level to middle management level. Our fee for contingent searches is 20% with a pro-rated 90 day guarantee.

Download our Direct Hire Program brochure