5 Simple Ways to Help Your Job Search

January 7, 2016 | posted in: Employee Focus | by

1. Polish Your Resume

As the saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression”. When it comes to job searching, for most of us our resume is our “one chance”. With only a few seconds to make it past a recruiter’s initial screening, a top-notch resume free of error is essential. Did you go from basic to advanced Excel skills or complete a continuing education course in your field over the last year? Be sure your resume is up to date showcasing your full talent, skills and experience. Are you in a resume rut? Email stephanie@moorestaffing.com to learn more about our next Resume Workshop.

2. Check in with References

If it’s been a while since you last spoke with your references, touch base with them and update them on your search. Ensure that they know you have them listed as such so they are not caught off guard when a potential employer calls, which may reflect poorly on you.

3. Post/Refresh Your Resume on Job Boards

Job boards are not only a great way for you to find jobs, but for employers to find you as well! Recruiters search job boards, such as Monster, Career Builder and Indeed, every day to source candidates for their openings. While many of us may have posted our resume in the past, now is the perfect time refresh your posting and replace it with an updated version if needed, as the most recent postings generally get more views.

4. Check Your Social Media

For many companies these days, checking social media accounts is part of the screening process either before or after a candidate is contacted. Inappropriate postings, pictures or links on your profiles may take you out of the running without you even knowing you were being considered. To avoid this, make sure your accounts are clean or set to private, and always use an appropriate and professional default picture.

5. Partner with Moore Staffing

In addition to your own search, partnering with Moore Staffing is an effective and easy way to expand your options and cast a wide net. Once you’re registered with us, we work on your behalf and submit your resume to any and all jobs you’re qualified for and interested in. If you’re still looking for work, please send an updated resume to jennifer@moorestaffing.com. Check out some other great reasons why you should work with Moore here.

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